DeWalt Lawn Mower Review

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No matter how small your lawn is, there is nothing more frustrating than using a cable lawn mower. First, you need to ensure that your cable is long enough to reach all areas, then you have to make sure you don’t run over the cable.

And sure, there are some cordless electric options for you to choose from, but they all have either a short battery life or a low-powered engine. Right? Wrong.

DeWalt is a power tool company that runs everything on its batteries. Everything from their drills to their circular saws. Even their lawn mowers run on batteries.

And for the big jobs? They have powerful gas lawn mowers. 

In this DeWalt lawn mower review, we will see just how powerful these tools are.

DeWalt Lawn Mowers

Below, we have picked out 5 of the best DeWalt lawn mowers. Each has been selected based on its individual use, so no matter your lawn size, at least one option should be a match.

Brushless Cordless Self-Propelled Mower – DCMQSP255Y2

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Looking online, there are a fair amount of bad reviews for this lawn mower. However, each person had the same difficulties – they were using the wrong battery pack.

As with most DeWalt products, this cordless lawn mower needs DeWalt batteries to work. The product comes with 2 12.0Ah batteries also known as the DeWalt FlexVolt. It needs these batteries to be fully charged to work as intended.

If a user puts in their own DeWalt batteries, the lawn mower will still work, but it won’t last as long.

So what makes this lawn mower good? Well, we tested its battery life, and it lasted for over 1 hour of mowing. This is perfect for smaller lawn sizes.

The mower also propels itself, which means you don’t need to push it. Normally, when mowing, you can expect a bit of back pain and sore arms. With the DCMQSP255Y2, none of that happened. It feels like you’re being taken on a stroll.

This mower also comes with 2 charges and a grass collection bag, so everything you need is in one purchase.

We would recommend this mower to anyone with a small lawn and those who need less physical exertion.


  • Self-Propelled – Making it less of a physical activity.
  • Cordless – Run on batteries.
  • Continuous Speed – No stopping and starting, creating a smooth experience.
  • Comes With Batteries – Don’t need to worry about buying extras.


  • Not Great For Large Lawns – Anything wild or over 1 hour of mowing will drain the battery too quickly.

Available at:

Denny’s Lawn & Garden

Kawasaki Gas Commercial Zero-Turn Mower – DXGZ254P

The Kawasaki is marketed as a commercial mower, but in reality, it would be perfect for any large ground or tough jobs.

When we tested this machine it could take down overgrown lawns with ease, and the robust structure made us feel secure and protected when thorns and nettles flung our way.

This sit-down mower has fantastic cushioning too. As we went over bumpy terrain, the seats easily absorbed the impact, which means unstable ground shouldn’t create discomfort. Think of a car seat but on your mower.

DeWalt is most enthusiastic about the zero-turn accuracy and swiftness created by such a tanky machine. This means you can swivel on the spot without making a U-Turn to get into position again.


  • Smooth Ride – The car-inspired seats are very comfortable.
  • Zero-Turn – You won’t lose your place.
  • High-Capacity Mowing – Steel frames and blades can tackle tough jobs.


  • No Manual – Ours didn’t come with a manual, and there isn’t one online.

Available at:

Denny’s Lawn & Garden

Gas Gear-Drive Wide-Area Walk-Behind Zero-Turn Mower – DXGMW33344R

This mower is quite rare. There isn’t a large audience for a walk-behind wide-area mower, because most people either buy a standard mower or a sit-down.

However, we know that all lawns come in different sizes, so just in case a walking wide mower is what you need, we want to review it.

The first thing we noticed was how easy this mower was to move around. It has 8-inch wheels, so it goes over mounds and rough terrain easily. It also has an electric start button, within reach, so you don’t need to bend down.

When it comes to cutting, the label wasn’t joking about being wide. The 33 inches means you don’t need to walk up and down your lawn often to get the job done. And the zero-turn features mean smooth lines are guaranteed.


  • Quick Start – Push a button to start the engine
  • Wide Frame – This helps you reach hard to reach areas.
  • Easy To Maneuver – Bumpy terrain isn’t an issue.


  • Hard to find – Not many stores stock this mower.

Available at:

Home Depot
D&B Supply
Denny’s Lawn & Garden

HP Kawasaki EFI Gas Hydrostatic Commercial Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower – DXGX528P

The X528 is another commercial lawn mower, this one doesn’t allow you to sit down, instead, you’re meant to stand on it as you mow the landscape.

These types of designs are perfect for jobs that require you to jump off and remove obstacles. If the land is filled with rocks and debris, then this easy on-and-off style can create a smooth transition which means less hassle over all.

It doesn’t matter how tall you are either, as the hip pads can be adjusted to fit anyone’s height. 


  • Comfortable – Adjustable hip pads.
  • Easy To Get On And Off – No sitting position.
  • Great For Difficult Terrain – Sturdy base and long-life materials.


  • Can’t Sit Down – No seat.

Available At:

Home Depot

Kawasaki Gas Hydrostatic Commercial Hydro-Walk Mower – DXGHW48P

This lawn mower is designed for professionals. It has controls that can reduce fatigue on long days of mowing and even dampen the vibrations caused by the cutting. This allows delicate grass to continue growing despite your interruptions.

The thick wheels allow you to climb over rugged and hilly terrain without losing your straight line, and the quick speed control allows you to change your acceleration in a flash.

This machine is perfect for professional mowers who need precise straight lines.


  • Variable Speed With Quick Controls – This allows you to change easily based on your terrain.
  • Smooth Maneuverability And Cut Accuracy – this allows you to have full command over your movements.
  • Easy To Use – This machine won’t strain you physically.


  • No Knee Pads – The X528 is comfier. 

Available at:

Home Depot
Denny’s Lawn & Garden

Buyer’s Guide

If you want more than our experiences to help you buy your next mower, here are some key features you should consider.

Cord, Battery, Or Gas

Corded lawn mowers aren’t great, however, they are cheap. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, go with this option.

Battery and gas-operated lawn mowers are both great. Batteries don’t tend to last as long as gas, but they are more eco-friendly and affordable. With DeWalt batteries, you need to make sure you have enough on hand and have them charged. 

Gas lawn mowers are powerful, but they are normally heavier and louder.

Cutting Method

You have to choose between a rotary blade and a cylindrical blade. Most commercial mowers use cylinders while home users normally opt for rotary.

Neither is bad, but rotary is cheaper, can collect grass easier, and is better on long grass. Cylinder blades create a better quality of cut on well-maintained lawns, cut faster, and are normally self-propelled.

Size Of Your Lawn

You don’t need a big lawn mower for a small lawn. If your lawn is around 300 square meters, opt for a 42 cm cut, 600 sq meter lawns should choose 49 cm cuts and 1,000 sq meter lawns should choose 56 cm cuts.

Grass Clippings

Do you want your grass clippings to be collected, thrown back onto the ground, or turned into mulch?

Mulch is normally the best option as this can be turned into a natural fertilizer. Collecting is the second best option as you can easily put the grass into your waste. However, the cheapest option is to discard the clippings.

If you discard them, make sure you use a rake to pick them up so you can easily dispose of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The DeWalt Battery Lawn Mower Run For?

Each battery-run lawn mower will have a different run time, however, on average they can last for 1 hour.

Make sure the battery is fully charged, and the correct battery size is used in the mower for the most efficient energy usage.

What Is A Good Brand Of Lawn Mower?

Although DeWalt makes lawn mowers, they are a tools manufacturer first and foremost. The best lawn mowers will come from manufacturers focused solely on this field. 

The best are Toro and Robomow. However, other great manufacturers include Cub Cadet, Greenworks, and Husqvarana.

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