5 Best Tiny Lawn Mower: All You Need to Know

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Many of us still believe in the old saying that bigger is better; this, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily the case with tiny lawn mowers. If you’ve got a smaller lawn or an irregularly shaped yard, a tiny lawn mower can be more practical. These mowers are often smaller, lighter, and easier to maneuver. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with a slope or uneven ground, a tiny lawn mower can climb up and down and into corners that a larger mower can’t.

A small lawn place requires specific demands on a tiny lawn mower. But it also need a certain amount of power to finish the job. Furthermore, if you don’t have a lot of storage room, your mower needs to be small too.

We are here to show you what you can do with that small garden and shed. We have included a range of mowers that are excellent for small-scale lawns on our list. 

Top 5 Tiny Lawn Mower

1. Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Worx 40v tiny lawn mower

The Worx 40V cordless lawn mower may appear larger than the other models on this list. Still, it folds down to take up very little space in a small shed with its easy-fold handle, making it an excellent alternative for individuals with limited storage space. Furthermore, you won’t be short of power because it only uses two 20V batteries to light up overgrown lawns. The big 30L grass box has soft sides that mean it collapses, so this is a powerful mower that has been designed with a space-saving high-tech design.

In addition, the battery life won’t disappoint. You will get a decent 40 minutes of working hours, more than enough for a small lawn. And if you move somewhere with a bigger lawn, you can also buy spare batteries to give yourself double the run time. Yes, it is more expensive than some of the other mowers on the list, but we think of it as a valuable investment that will work for your little space now and won’t need to be replaced if you need to expand.

2. Einhell GE-CM 18/33 LI Cordless Lawn Mower

einhell tiny lawn mower

Einhell GE-CM 18/33 is the best choice if you want a lot of functionality but not a lot of stress. This tiny lawn mower is perfect for people new to gardening. It includes a brushless motor and works on a rechargeable battery, making it easy to transport and store. This model is well-designed and will save you space in the garage thanks to its long, foldable handle. Plus, it boasts an integrated carry handle for maximum mobility.

3. Bosch Rotak 32R

bosch tiny lawn mower

This perennial best-seller from Bosch is great for small-sized gardens, featuring a 1,200W powerdrive motor that will munch through the toughest grass, coupled with a 31l grass box to catch the clippings. It’s quite light because there’s no battery on board, and the chunky wheels make it agile even on lumpy grass. Best of all, the cut you receive is great, especially against walls and fences, with a convenient built-in rear roller for that all-important striped appearance.

4. Flymo Easilfe 200 Robotic Lawn Mower


This tiny lawn mower design features a central cutting height adjustment that allows you to select your preferred grass length. So, with five settings to choose from, you get a truly personalized cutting experience. Its handle can also be modified in height, with three levels to choose from.

5.YardForce LM G32


YardForce LM G32 is a mower that thrives on smaller or suburban lawns. It can cut as low as 2cm and produce a consistent, level cut, with enough power to get through weeds or the occasional area of thick grass. It’s not as quiet as the other cordless models, but it is still one of the quietest tiny lawn mowers in the market. Furthermore, it folds up into a small package after you finish mowing. The YardForce also earns points for having a battery that lasted nearly 40 minutes during testing and is rechargeable in 75 to 80 minutes.

Things to consider before buying a Tiny Lawn Mower

It is no secret that small gardens necessitate tiny lawn mowers, but deciding which to purchase can be difficult. To pick the greatest tiny lawnmower for your needs, you should note the following points:

1. Look for the storage options

Often if you own a small yard, then space is at a premium, making storage a major factor. Nobody wants a lawn mower to take up a lot of space in their garage or shed. When purchasing a lawn mower, check the box for storage options. Tiny lawn mowers with folding handles are good since they take up less room and can be keep closer to the wall. Lastly, consider a lawn mower placed on a wall hook.

2. Be familiar with the power type.

It can be difficult to trail a wire to power an electric lawn mower in some cases since there are obstacles such as trees and bushes in the way. In this situation, a cylinder mower might be the best tiny lawn mower for you, but you’ll need to trim the grass on a regular basis because cylinder mowers have a hard time cutting longer grass.

On the other hand, battery lawnmowers are available, but they are typically more expensive than conventional, tiny lawn mowers, deterring many people from purchasing them. Small lawns can be cut using petrol lawn mowers, but they are significantly heavier to maneuver and noisier than their electric counterparts.

3. Know the weight.

If you keep your lawn mower in a garage and store it away from the garden, one of its advantages is that you can carry it to and from the garden. And this feature is a big consideration. Small electric lawn mowers are the lightest, whereas petrol lawn mowers are the heaviest.

4. Look for the cutting width

Small gardens do not require large lawn mowers to cut the grass rapidly, but a balance must strike. Purchasing a tiny lawn mower with a narrow cutting width will take longer to trim the lawn than purchasing a mower with a wider cutting width. Consider how long you want to spend cutting the lawn versus other aspects like storage space when purchasing a tiny lawn mower.

5. Consider the shape of the lawn.

Smaller lawns can be uneven in shape, and not all lawns are square or rectangle-shaped. This makes it difficult to use wheeled lawn mowers, which require a series of quick backward and forward motions to cut close to the corners. Because of the uneven shape, a hover non-collect mower is of high recommendation. It is easier to utilize in small, limited spaces.

6. Consider your budget.

A tiny lawn mower does not have to be expensive. Small electric lawn mowers start at £69.99 and can cost up to even more than £100. Lawn mowers with grass gathering boxes are usually more expensive. If you plan on cutting the lawn on a frequent basis, you may not want to collect the grass because finely cut grass breaks down quickly and returns to the lawn, acting as a natural fertilizer. On the other hand, petrol lawn mowers can start as well over £100, which can be a deterrent.

Final words

Generally speaking, if you only have a little piece of lawn to mow, you don’t need to invest in a large petrol lawn mower. Many electric lawn mowers will give you a good cut and are often less expensive than their gasoline equivalents. Always check that the length of the electric lawn mower cord is sufficient for your needs. Electric lawn mowers also require almost no maintenance.

If you are seeking for more convenience, cordless mower is an excellent choice. They are quiet, clean, and easy to store, together with various benefits. For one, like their batteries and chargers are frequently interchangeable with other instruments in the line. There is also no compromise on power with modern Lithium-ion battery technology. A cordless mower is an excellent choice for a discerning customer with a somewhat bigger budget.

If you need to mow a tiny patch of lawn that is also has an unusual shape or on a hill, a hover mower may be the best option. These float on an air cushion, making them extremely maneuverable – ideal for those hard-to-reach places.

On the other hand, a hand lawn mower will suit you and your little garden if you want something that is even easier to maintain and does not require petrol or power. They require some human resources, but many are simple to push and are environmentally friendly. A quiet mower also provides a nice workout.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 of the best tiny lawn mowers reviews. Whether you want hi-tech or low-tech, electric or manual, there are various fantastic versions to select from. Regardless of any option you choose, we’re confident that your lawn will be in terrific shape in no time. Have fun mowing!

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