Best Gas Lawn Mower Under 300 of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best gas lawn mower under 300 offers the best of both worlds, a rugged tool that fits within a tight budget. Instead of spending thousands on yard equipment, you can have a versatile outdoor tool with great features. Keeping your yard in its best shape has never been simpler than with these five models.

Best Gas Lawn Mower Under 300 Reviews

1. PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower

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The PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower is a decently powered mower with a 144cc four-stroke engine. Its three-in-one design makes it ideal for most properties, offering the powerful punch gas-powered mowers are known for.


Let’s look at the highlights of the PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower.

  • 144cc Four-Stroke Engine

The powerful engine in this motor is ideal for midsize properties with its OHV design. It’s easy to start and has a forced cooling system, keeping the engine running for longer.

  • 21-Inch Cutting Deck

The cutting deck of this model is another impressive feature, and it contains PowerSmart’s patented cutting system. You’ll have 21 inches of width, allowing you to mow your property with far less effort. Also, its cutting deck is decently sized to reach tighter spots.

  • Three-in-One Design

Having a mower that’s versatile for an assortment of jobs is ideal. This model’s three-in-one design allows you to mulch, side discharge, or collect clippings at the rear.

  • Adjustable Cutting Height

Customizing the height of your lawn is the first step to a professionally-styled property. The PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower helps you choose five different cutting positions. Operators can adjust their mower’s height between 1.18″ and three inches, ideal for all grass types.

  • Quick Assembly

Upon arrival, you won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to put the mower together. It comes 95% assembled and doesn’t require any special tools to finish the job. Also, it folds down quickly, so you can store it with ease. 

  • Moderate Weight

The PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower is relatively lightweight compared to other mowers. In total, it weighs around 60 pounds, including oil and gas. You’ll find it’s a good size for most homeowners, especially if you want to mow your lawn quickly.

  • Specialized Mulching

One of the more unique features of the PowerSmart 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower is its mulching capability. When the blades pick up grass, it’s immediately turned into a minced material. This process helps retain a higher level of nutrients that your grass needs to replenish itself.

  • Large Collection Bag

The detachable collection bag is helpful if you opt to collect your clippings instead of using the side discharge feature or mulching. It holds approximately 1.4 bushels of debris, reducing the number of times it needs emptying. Also, the bag is easy to keep clean over the season.


  • High-quality steel parts
  • Effortless assembly
  • Easy to start
  • Great for most grass types


  • Not a self-propelled mower
  • Hard to maneuver on tough terrains

2. Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower

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Craftsman is a brand well-known for its diverse collection of power tools. The Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower features user-friendly elements, ideal for beginners. With a 140cc engine, you’ll find it’s a decently powered option for most property sizes.


Let’s get into the Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower highlights. It’s one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers you can find for medium yards.

  • Two-in-One

There’s no doubt this mower is excellent for first-time users, as it offers pretty straightforward components. Its two-in-one design allows you to either mulch or side discharge grass as it’s cut. One of the largest benefits you’ll experience is how easy it is to switch from one mowing type to another.

For ease of use, this model features quick conversions without tools. Engage or disengage the cutting lever to choose the style that suits your needs. Also, the rear discharge bag is easily detachable.

  • Cutting Height Adjustment

The Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower is an excellent option if you want to tailor the look of your lawn. Its adjustable cutting heights are between 1.25″ and 3.75″, offering six different settings. You’ll also find switching the cutting height is particularly simple, especially compared to other gas mowers.

  • High-Quality Wheels

One of the most important features of your mower is its wheels, as they determine maneuverability. The Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower has two seven-inch front wheels. You’ll also find dual 11-inch rear wheels, making it easier to push across your lawn.

  • 21-Inch Cutting Deck

Like another gas-powered mower within this price range, your cutting deck will be 21 inches with this mower. You’ll find it helps to cut back on the time you spend on yard work while making your lawn look professionally maintained. Also, as the cutting deck allows for mulching, you can put nutrients back into your property.

  • Rear Discharge Bag (Sold Separately)

As the Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower is an affordable option under $300, it will need extra accessories. The rear discharge bag can be purchased separately and is designed to be dustless, keeping the operator clean. You’ll find it’s an essential piece to collecting clippings as you mow.

  • Integrated Wash-Out Port

Keeping your mower clean is one of the most important steps to maintaining it over the years. The Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower is uniquely designed for effortless upkeep. You’ll find a built-in deck wash-out port, allowing you to clear the cutting deck using a garden hose.

After wetting the wash-out port, turn the mower on to remove any traces of debris. The quick-drying blades won’t rust and stay clean, keeping their sharpness over the years.

  • Three-Year Warranty

It’s important to review your warranty information before purchasing any outdoor tools. With this mower, you’ll have a three-year limited warranty, details to be found in your owner’s manual.


  • Easily-to-use and lightweight
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Fuel efficient like electric lawn mowers
  • Perfect for one-acre properties


  • Not ideal for wet grass
  • The engine is hard to start

3. PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower

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The PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower is a more powerful alternative to the earlier model. With a 170cc engine, you’ll be able to tackle harder projects and mow for longer. It is also designed with a four-stroke engine, and it has plenty of great features to use to your advantage.


Let’s look at the best features of the PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower. It features a cushioned grip, an easy-to-follow user manual, and 3-in-1 capabilities.

  • High-Quality Engine

As the most important part of the mower, it’s important to consider the engine built into the unit. The PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower features a 170cc four-stroke gas engine. You’ll unlock the benefits of stronger torque, faster blade spinning, and an impressive run time.

  • 21-Inch Cutting Deck

If you’re in the market for a mower that helps you maintain your lawn in less time, always consider the cutting deck size. This model features 21″ of cutting width, more than enough for most properties. It’s also perfectly sized to easily navigate near driveways, garden beds, and long fences.

  • Five Blade Height Options

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect adjustable height settings for your lawn with this mower. It comes with an integrated height adjustment lever, allowing you to choose from five different settings. Homeowners can change the cutting height from 1.18″ to a maximum cutting height of three inches.

  • Three-in-One Design

One of the more impressive features of the PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower is its overall design. It offers three methods of grass clipping collection or discharging. You can either mulch, side discharge, or collect all of your clippings.

With the sharpness of the blades, you’ll find mulching is incredibly beneficial for your yard. The heavy-duty blade essentially minces the grass, allowing you to put nutrients back into the grass. You’ll begin to see considerably healthier and lusher grass in no time.

  • Two-Year Warranty

Another important thing to note with your lawn mower is whether it comes with a warranty. The PowerSmart 170cc Push Lawn Mower features a two-year warranty. You’ll also receive free lifetime tech support, helping you master the art of perfecting your lawn.

  • 18-Gallon Grass Catcher

You’ll never have to worry about running out of space when catching grass clippings. The removable 18-gallon grass catcher easily attaches to the lawn mower’s rear.

  • Larger Rear Wheels

When looking at the mower, you might find it looks slightly bulkier than other models. This is because it features two larger-sized wheels in the rear for better maneuverability. The dual eight-inch rear wheels help make it easier to traverse over different types of terrain.

  • Quick Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your lawn mower, PowerSmart makes it relatively easy to contact customer care. In your owner’s manual, you’ll find all the necessary contact information to get assistance. Also, your warranty information is included in your instruction manual.


  • Convenient self-propelled function
  • Great for a wide range of terrains
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • The comfortable handle folds down


  • The folding handle rips easily
  • Low-quality tires for tall grass

4. PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit

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The PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit comes with everything you need to use the mower for the first time. With a unique design that’s quite beginner-friendly, it could be a fantastic entry-level mower for your home. Also, it has a few key features that help to elevate its overall design.


Let’s jump into the PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit highlights.

  • 144cc Four-Stroke Engine

The PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit is designed with a 144cc four-stroke engine, ideal for larger jobs. It also contains a recoil starter, making one-pull starts far more likely, even in cold weather. With the build quality of this engine, you’ll be able to manage all types of grass conditions.

  • Adjustable Cutting Height

As you would expect with any cordless lawn mower, this model also features adjustable cutting heights. You’ll have five fixed positions, ranging between a minimum cutting height of 1.18″ and three inches. You have to engage the easy-to-reach lever to choose the minimum height you need.

  • Patented Blade Technology

The largest selling point of this cordless lawn mower is that it boasts patented technology for ease of use. PowerSmart’s unique heavy-duty blade works to cut grass while also mincing it for mulching. This process helps retain far more nutrients in your clippings, helping to feed your lawn as you mow.

  • Side Discharging

Another alternative to mulching with this lawn mower is its side discharging. All you have to do is engage either setting to choose the type of grass collection you’d prefer. Alternatively, you can add a clipping bag to the rear to catch all your debris for easy cleanup.

  • Lightweight

Choosing an easily maneuverable lawn mower is essential for all homeowners, especially if you need a beginner-friendly model. The PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit is only 56 pounds, making it remarkably easy to push. With its quality wheels, navigating across your yard is simpler than expected.

  • Oil Included

This model is unique compared to the other PowerSmart 144cc mower because it comes with oil. Everything you need is included in the kit, aside from gas, so you can start mowing quickly and effortlessly.

  • Easy Engine Power Start/Stop Controls

The lawnmower-style handle on this device is remarkably easy to use for managing your lawn mower. You’ll find a built-in bar that allows you to start and stop your engine power as needed. Its easy access also helps to make the mower safer to use.

  • Quick Assembly

Fortunately, the PowerSmart 144cc Gas Lawn Mower Kit takes the headache out of yard tools. When it arrives at your door, it’s already 95% assembled; all you have to do is attach the handle. Also, you’ll find the handle is easily removable for quick storage at the end of the season. 


  • Easily adjustable cutting height
  • Great for small to midsize properties
  • Easy to navigate on flat terrain
  • Convenient for senior homeowners


  • Hard to use on uneven terrain and hilly terrain
  • The side discharge chute is thin plastic

5. PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower

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If you’re hunting for a mower for a small property, this model is one of the best options. Like other PowerSmart models, the PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower comes equipped and ready to use. You need to buy oil and gas to maintain your lawn with ease.


Let’s explore all of the best features of the PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower.

  • Decently Powered Engine

There’s no doubt that the PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower engine isn’t part of the most powerful gas-powered lawn mowers. However, it’s a decent lawn mower to tackle most yard projects. The 127cc OHV engine works effortlessly to care for your property.

With that said, this isn’t the most powerful mower on the market. It’s highly recommended for moderate grass growth and less thick grass types. Its lower-powered engine will consume gas less quickly than larger, high-powered models.

  • 17″ Cutting Deck

This lawn mower is the perfect size for small properties, thanks to its 17″ wide deck. You’ll be able to effortlessly navigate across your lawn, creating a professionally landscaped appeal. Also, you’ll find the mower is easy to navigate around your driveway, patio, and even garden beds.

  • Adjustable Cutting Height

Every homeowner has a lawn height that they prefer for looks and grass health. The PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower is designed with a five-position height adjustment. All you have to do is engage the lever at the front of the unit to choose your ideal height.

This model allows you to customize the cutting height between 1.18″ and three inches. You’ll find these adjustments are ideal for the majority of lawns.

  • Metal Components

There’s no doubt the PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower is built to last. Most of the unit is crafted using heavy-duty steel, including the durable wide deck. You’ll be less likely to deal with broken parts, especially with regular use throughout the season.

  • Built-in Wheels

As you would expect, this mower features four unique wheels to help maneuver rougher terrain. You’ll have two seven-inch front wheels and dual eight-inch rear wheels. They make pushing the mower easier, but they also help reduce physical strain.

  • Lightweight Design

Lightweight mowers can be a great way to care for your lawn with far less physical stress. The PowerSmart 127cc Push Lawn Mower is one of the most lightweight models. You’ll find that paired with its integrated wheel system, it’s one of the easier options for effortless navigation.


  • Great size for most homes
  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy height adjustments


  • Will get damaged from rough terrain
  • The clipping collection bag is small

Our Top Recommendation

The best gas lawn mower under 300 is undoubtedly the Craftsman 140cc 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower. It has all the features you’d expect from an affordable mower and is beginner-friendly. You’ll also find its blade sharpness is better than other mowers in the same price range.

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