Best Lawn Mower for St Augustine Grass

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A lovely grass may completely transform the look of your property. There’s something immensely relaxing about a lush, well-kept lawn that more than compensates for the time and effort required to maintain it. This is especially true if you have a rare grass kind, such as the St. Augustine type. The strong salt tolerance of the St. Augustine grass works well in semi-tropical or wet weather conditions, making it excellent for bright and sunny settings. This unusual grass is visually pleasing and adds a nice sight to your garden’s aesthetics. Lawn mowers are yard management tools suitable for St. Augustine grass and are designed to improve the overall appearance of your garden. Buying the best lawn mower for St Augustine grass is highly suitable if you want a stunning look for your lawn. 

If you have St Augustine grass, it’s good to buy a mower that can mow this type of grass efficiently without destroying its appearance. By scooping up waste, a lawn mower for thick St. Augustine grass should eliminate pests and guarantee that nothing piles up on the grass. When you mow through St. Augustine grass with a lawn mower, it germinates quickly and becomes more visible and appealing. Choose the best lawn mower for St Augustine grass to save your lawn and enjoy a beautiful summer lawn.

5 Best Lawn Mower for St Augustine Grass

1. Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022

best lawn mower for St. Augustine grass

This eye-catching green and black lawn mower for St. Augustine grass promotes healthy grass stems and is ideal for your lawn maintenance requirements. Its revolving blade will design and change the overall appearance of your garden. Its powerful 10-amp engine provides enough power to glide through thick terrain and grasses like St. Augustine grass.

Additionally, its 14-inch dethatching feature removes clippings, roots, and dirt from the lawn, resulting in a neat appearance. This lawn mower has many adjustment depths and is well-balanced for maximum efficiency while in use. Furthermore, this best lawn mower for St Augustine grass has a unique cord design that eliminates the need for fuel, saving you time, money, and energy. 

If you plan on working on your lawn for a lengthy amount of time, this multifunctional machine is a good choice because it features a padded grip that keeps your hand comfortable. This dependable equipment is concerned not just with the health and look of your lawn but also with your well-being. Consider investing in this reliable and efficient machine if you’re a gardener searching for a mower to relieve stress. Its stainless-steel design ensures endurance and prevents rust, and maintains sharpness for a long time.

2. Fiskars Lawn Mowers: StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower

best lawn mower for St. Augustine grass

This stunning lawn mower features adjustable heights and a cutting width of 18 inches, allowing it to cut through grasses ranging from one to four inches in length. This type cuts grass in a scissors-like manner without exposing it to insects and pathogens. The gadget ensures a perfect cut to avoid ripping, promotes the health of the grass, and, as a result, enhances the appearance of your lawn. 

Consider investing in this great model if you’re looking for a dependable, effective, and quiet reel mower for St Augustine grass. This machine produces no pollutants because it runs without power or fuel. It includes a quick-start option, so there’s no need to be concerned about noise pollution. The amazing qualities of this powerful lawn mower for thick grass will leave you speechless, and it is excellent for small or large yards.

While the machine is incredibly effective at cutting, it also has a creative design to blend modern dwellings. It has a unique grass chute that helps manage clippings while protecting your feet from mishaps. Finally, this amazing device includes a stationary reel to protect the blade and keep its sharpness. It also includes precise and sharp blades that can efficiently and effectively cut any sort of grass. This flexible gardening mower is packed with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that make it easier and more pleasurable to mow your outdoor environment.

3. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S 20-Inch 5-Blade Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

best lawn mower for St. Augustine grass

Another best reel lawn mower for St Augustine grass is a pleasant and versatile yard management tool that is great for small and large yards. Consider purchasing this lawn mower if you’re looking for a reel mower for St. Augustine grass that can cover large areas in a short amount of time. This mower is fun to use and provides a thrilling experience for newcomers. This machine produces clean cuts without damaging your St. Augustine grass, thanks to its 20-inch cutting breadth, blade height adjustment, ergonomic handle, and ease of use.

While this time-honored classic provides precision, it also necessitates minimal upkeep and storage space. This cost-effective machine is ideal if you don’t have a huge yard or have operated with mowers for a long time. It’s low-cost and doesn’t have an engine, so it saves you time, energy, and money. Keep in mind that you’ll have to operate this machine manually if you want to cover a lot of ground quickly. It’s simple to put together and has a nice handle for long hours of use.

You may determine the grass level in your yard by setting the machine blades from one to three inches. You may construct a jaw-dropping green carpet design on your lawn since the wheels maintain adequate balance and facilitate maneuverability. This device provides traction for stability, allowing you to mow in a straight line for a neat lawn. Furthermore, its superior rotating shaft, wheels, and five support blades provide suitable outcomes and meet your St. Augustine grass requirements.

4. Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

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This mower has seven blades perfect for cutting visually beautiful grasses like St. Augustine and hybrid Bermuda. Its lightweight nature, weighing only 26 pounds, makes it easy to push even if you’re not in great shape. If you have St. Augustine grass, this simple construct mower will enhance the look of your lawn by cutting blades at various heights. With a cutting width of 16 inches, changeable blades, great precision, and durability, this mower is an excellent choice for modern households. It operates in a whisper-quiet mode, ideal for small and large yards.

This heavy-duty machine does not require electricity or gasoline because it has no engine and produces no pollutants. In addition, this yard management tool features a ball-bearing deck that allows smooth glide through thick turfs in a short amount of time while avoiding insect exposure. Thanks to this machine’s precision, effectiveness, efficiency, lightweight, speed, and performance, you may cover enough ground with a single sweep. This tool is both environmentally friendly and low-maintenance.

If you’re looking for a rapid lawn mower to cut through thick St. Augustine grass, this machine is a good choice because it has the proper balance and speed. You can cut grasses in any weather situation with its steel side plate and knife bed blade and ergonomic grips to protect your hand. This lawn mower is a very versatile tool that groundskeepers, lawn owners, and gardeners will really appreciate.

5. American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

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Because of its 18-inch cutting breadth and tough blades, this American mower is suitable for small and big yards. With its strong design, efficiency, performance, and speed, this yard management tool provides a smooth grass cutting experience. The equipment also offers an optional grass catcher for seamless attachments, in addition to a polyester fabric and plastic bottom. The catcher includes a quick-release clutch and strap that keeps the machine’s bag in place and prevents falling during use. The machine has five sharp steel blades designed to withstand wear and tear while gliding through St. Augustine grasses with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, the cutting deck on the mower can be adjusted to different heights, allowing you to give your lawn a unique and elegant look. This machine is lightweight, small, robust, and takes minimal storage space if you need a high-quality and excellent mower for your St. Augustine grass lawn design. It’s simple to put together and maintain, and it comes with a user handbook. This mower is ideal because it produces no emissions and requires little maintenance.

This machine is suitable for thick turfs or uneven ground and fits nicely into modern homes. It may be used in any environment without sacrificing performance or quality, especially on wet surfaces. This American mower is environmentally beneficial because it offers emission-free and silent green alternatives. It is not only packed with fascinating features, but it is also foldable and reasonably priced.

What to look for the Best Lawn Mower for St Augustine

Cutting Width and Ease of Use

Cutting wheels for lawn mowers are available in various sizes and for a variety of applications. Devices with a limited cutting width are ideal for working on a small lawn since they are closer to the grass and easier to push. Machines with a broad cutting width, on the other hand, may glide through tough turfs with efficient cuts in a single pass, saving time and money.

Height Adjustments

While there are numerous mowers with height settings on the market, it is advised to invest in a machine that can deliver between 12 and 4 inches.

Numbers of Blades

Consider a mower with five blades if you’re cutting tall fescue grass, while seven-blade mowers are more efficient for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and other grasses.

Handle Type

Another important consideration is the machine’s handle type. Several mowers feature a loop shape for comfort, while others have a straight horizontal handle. Although personal preference plays a part in this decision, latte-style handles are easier to maneuver.


A beautiful lawn is always worth the extra effort, and with the correct tools and knowledge, it can be done quickly and easily. If you want to maintain your garden looking perfect, you’ll need a decent quality lawn mower with good features. Consider one of these mowers if you’re looking for the best lawn mower for St Augustine grass. Each is built to withstand the heavy blades of St. Augustine without harming itself, and each has its own distinct traits that set it apart from the others. On the other hand, if you have Bermuda grass on your lawn, check out the top 5 lawn mower for Bermuda grass.

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