How To Bypass All Safety Switches On Lawn Mower

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Are you looking to bypass all the safety switches on your lawn mower? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

As a homeowner, one of your main tasks is maintaining your lawn – which may already come naturally to you. However, you may be having trouble effectively and comfortably mowing your lawn due to safety switches. 

That said, these safety switches are here for a reason – to prevent you and others around you from harm. 

Despite this, many lawn mower users are annoyed by these safety switches since they are unable to move as freely as they want. As such, you may want to remove them and carry out your mowing the way you prefer. 

Depending on the type of lawn mower you have, a typical one has three of four safety switches, these include:

  • Brake switch
  • Reverse switch
  • Seat safety switch

With this in mind, this guide will explore everything you need to bypass the safety switches on a lawn mower. 

How To Bypass The Seat Safety Switch?

This safety switch can be found underneath the lawnmower seat. This safety procedure can be annoying to some since you have to sit on the mower to start it. 

To remove this unwanted hassle, bypassing it is the only solution. Below, we have outlined all the steps to achieve this. 

Step 1: Place The Mower On A Flat Surface

When it comes to any electrical or repairing task on your riding lawn mower, the first step is to set it on level ground – enduring it doesn’t move around or slip. 

Once done, ensure the engine isn’t on and the steering is placed in parking mode. Now you’re ready to proceed to the next steps. 

Step 2: Disconnect The Battery Terminal 

Before you undertake any electrical work on your lawn mower, you’ll want to disconnect the battery terminal.

This consists of two terminals – one red and one black. You’ll want to ensure these are unplugged to avoid any electrical shocks. 

Step 3: Access The Seat Safety Switch

Typically, the seat safety switch is located under the seat. Therefore, you’ll want to remove the seat. If there are screws, make sure to remove these to flip the seat off. 

Below the mower seat, you should see a socket switch attached. This is the seat safety switch that needs bypassing. 

Plus, there may be two types of switch sockets, as well – these include 3-wire seat safety switches or 4-wire seat safety switches, and each has the same process. 

Step 4: Remove The Safety Switch Wires

Next, you’ll want to remove the safety switch socket located under the seat. Here, you can pull the wire from the socket. If you’re unable to do this with your hands, take a pair of pliers. 

Step 5: Cut And Tape the Wires

Once you have cut the wires make sure to tape them well to avoid any electrical shocks. You can either tape them individually or together. 

To ensure you’re providing your lawn mower with what it needs, first test it by individually taping the wires. 

If this fails to disable the safety switch, all you have to do is reconnect them and wrap them in tape. 

For this step, any electrical tape will work. 

How To Bypass All Safety Switches On Lawn Mower?

Step 5: Alternative 

If you’re looking to avoid running the warranty of your lawn mower by cutting the wire, then this is one way you can resolve this. 

You can use a wire crimp connector to connect each wire without having to cut them. To create this harness, all you have to do is take the wire, crimp it with a crimping tool, and connect it to the wire terminal. 

Here, what you’re doing is disconnecting the wire connectors by connecting the wires. Although, what this achieves is disconnecting the wires while keeping them connected at the same time. 

Step 6: Place The Seat Back in Position

Once you have finished all those steps, all you have to do is replace your seat back into position. Then, simply check whether the safety switch remains an obstacle. Chances are, it isn’t! 

When it comes to lawn mower brands, these steps are most effective for the Exmark, Husqvarna, and Craftsman lawn mowers. 

By bypassing the safety switches, what you’re doing is ensuring the seat safety switch is disabled – allowing you to start the engine without having to sit on the mower seat. 

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you should now be able to get up from your lawn mower seat without worrying about your mower stopping. 

Other Safety Switches And How To Bypass Them?

Brake Switch

When it comes to igniting the lawnmower’s starter, users typically have to step on the brake pedal to achieve this. 

Similar to the usual safety switches, in order to bypass this, you’ll need to locate the connectors and connect the purple cables with either the metal or tape wires. 

Here, you should be able to successfully allow the starter to skip the safety switch. 

Reverse Switch

The other safety switch located on a standard lawn mower is the ability to reverse your machine. For some mowers, this can be an especially bothersome feature. 

However, luckily for you, it can simply be bypassed by locating it in the mower’s hood. 

Once done, simply remove the connectors and then short-circuit the purple cables to the back of your lawnmower while you’re undertaking the cutting process.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to bypass the safety switches on the lawn mower. Whether this is for convenience or a better-cutting result, this can all be achieved with the help of this guide. 

However, you should also keep in mind that these measures are established for a reason – for your health and safety. Therefore, take care when bypassing anything.

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