Top 5 Lawn Mowing Shoes You Should Buy

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You’ll need the best gear if you want to have the most beautiful lawn in your community. Many homeowners tend to spend more money on better tools and machines, but this comes at the expense of their personal hygiene and comfort. Most homeowners wear an old pair of sports/running shoes during lawn upkeep. Unfortunately, these shoes aren’t meant to keep you safe from the microorganisms that live in the soil. Infections of the feet and bacterial development are common problems for many homeowners. Don’t forget to invest in an excellent pair of lawn mowing shoes for your feet.

When it comes to mowing lawns or gardening, the type of shoes you wear makes a tremendous difference. When mowing lawns or doing other landscaping jobs, your lawn mowing shoes should provide you with enough comfort and safety. This comprehensive article will help you understand what constitutes decent lawn mowing shoes. We’ll be giving you the top finest selections to help you out and go over some of the most critical qualities to keep in mind when looking for lawn mowing shoes.

Best Lawn Mowing Shoes

1. Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe

kujo lawn mowing shoes

The Kujo Yardwear is one of the best lawn mowing shoes that are versatile and adaptable. It’s great for mowing lawns, landscaping, building, and warehousing sites, as well as other heavy-duty tasks. The brand’s main purpose is to enable people to accomplish lawn work without worrying about slick traction or damp feet. Because it provides everything necessary from footwear that makes cutting grass comfortable for you, the Kujo Yardwear is the perfect shoe for lawn work.

You’ll be able to move around with ease, thanks to the rubber outsole. The sole of the shoe has an extreme rubber grip similar to that of boots. It’s also slip-resistant because of the rubber outsole type. Kujo has incorporated a very high level of comfort inside, with the perfect mix of rigidity and durability on the outside. The padding on the inside was a big hit with the customers. The insoles and linings are made of anti-odor material to prevent a foul odor after long working hours. It has a flexible window that allows air to flow into and out of the shoes while keeping your feet dry and sweat-free. It contains an antibacterial layer that keeps dirt and water out of your shoes.

The only drawback of this lawn mowing shoe is it’s a little bit heavy. However, it’s completely worth it because of the extra support, comfort, and foot protection. 

2. Merrell Men’s Moab 2

lawn mowing shoes

Merrell is a firm that specializes in the production of hiking boots. This pair of shoes is great for grass cutting because the stresses of lawn work on shoes are similar to hiking. If you’re going to be weeding or edging your grass, these are a terrific option. The shoe’s upper is covered with suede leather, contributing to its long-lasting nature.

The upper is made up of a variety of different materials. It’s made of suede leather that’s been interwoven with mesh to keep it cool. Even though the Merrell aren’t completely waterproof, they’re nonetheless rather water-resistant at some point. For every lawn mowing shoe, traction is a crucial problem. The Merrell’s Vibram TC5+ sole gives you a lot of traction and a lot of control. Merrell employed its own SelectTM DRY technology to keep the interior warm and dry. The internal moisture in your feet is release by this technology, which also protects you from rain and wind.

Moab 2 boasts well-designed insoles with fantastic comfort and outsole elements providing a tough exterior. We believe the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 are the most durable shoes for cutting grass out of everything we’ve studied on this list.

3. Xtratuf Men’s 6 Inch Ankle Deck Boot

lawn mowing shoes

XTRATUF is another brand that may seem weird to find on our list because they specialize in marine-specific footwear. The XTRATUF Performance Series results from the fact that XTRATUF produces significantly more diverse boots than shoes. Because these are boots, they have a higher cut and are more resistant to water and dirt when it comes to lawn mowing.

Because the boots are composed entirely of rubber, they provide complete waterproof protection. It is entirely sealed to keep water out of the boot. The chevron tread on the XTRATUF Performance Series, which is suitable for indoor use, also delivers excellent traction. In addition, the XTRATUF Performance Series includes a chevron tread that provides a good grip. The XpressCool lining helps keep your feet cool and dry while sensibly providing some germ protection.

Many individuals will not find these shoes to be comfortable, but they guarantee that your feet will be completely dry. The one downside is that these are more of a wading boot that cannot be adjusted with laces or any other type of cinch, so they may not be the best choice.

4. Timberland PRO Pit Boss 

timberland lawn mowing shoes

Timberlands are supposed to be used as labor boots, and the Timberland PRO Pit Boss is great for this lawn mowing, although some may consider it a fashion faux pas. It comes with a steel toe for protection against heavy machinery, wheels, and blades. If you’re working on commercial landscaping projects, you’ll need this type of protection. 

The steel toe is one of the critical selling aspects for anyone shopping for lawn mowing shoes is in good working order. The Pit Boss boots also include a strong rubber sole and a traditional leather upper. These sneakers are made to last a lifetime. In addition, the midsoles are made of polyurethane, which has no memory even after a long decompression. The pair also boasts an unrivaled traction grip for working in damp and slippery muck. Because you’ll most likely be wearing these work boots for long periods, the shoe’s comfort is even more important. Pit Boss offers surprising comfort inside despite its rough exterior. Inside, a removable sock liner protects your feet from severe blisters after hours of lawn mowing.

The Pit Boss boots have the usual leather upper and thick rubber sole that Timberland is known for. The fact that these boots are substantially heavier than the majority of the other options we looked at is something to keep in mind.

5. Keen Utility Braddock Low

lawn mowing shoes

The Braddock low is a men’s shoe made of pure leather and textile with a steel toe cap made by Keen Utility. It is made of safe and long-lasting materials for heavy and daring activities, whether indoor or outdoor projects. It’s also one of the heaviest steel-toe shoes available. With this pair of shoes, the extra money is definitely worth it if you want a top-of-the-line steel toe shoe.

Furthermore, it has a unique toe cap to protect your toes completely. It’s made to properly cradle your feet’s natural contours while providing superb arch support. Lawn mowing, landscaping, and construction are great uses for these shoes. The steel-toe, which includes a fully enveloping cup for the outsole, is the most distinctive feature of Keen’s shoes. Thanks to the outsole’s unique KEEN Grip Technology, you won’t have to worry about traction. The Braddock’s upper is crafted of sturdy and thick nubuck leather with a TPU shank, thick seals, and a PU heel for enhanced flexibility.

If you require a multipurpose steel toe shoe and your budget permits, this is the shoe for you. They’re not cheap, but they’re one of the most effective shoes for extra protection. If you’re a landscaper who doesn’t want to wear boots and needs to move rocks, stones, pavers, etc., these are the shoes for you.

What to look for the Best Lawn Mowing Shoes

There aren’t many vital qualities to look for while shopping for the best lawn mowing shoes, but you must pay attention to the basics. We’ve mentioned a few of the most important ones to make it easier for you to find the best lawn mowing shoes. Here’s what you’ll need to look for:


When it comes to grass-cutting shoes, you want to make sure that they can withstand the abrasions that will certainly occur. It’s also vital to remember that these shoes will most likely be use for more than just mowing the lawn. As a result, leather is one of the most popular materials for uppers since it is extremely durable and usually waterproof – as long as it is properly sealed and sewed. 


When it comes to picking grass-cutting shoes, this is one of the most crucial considerations. The outsole will ultimately determine the type of grip provided by the shoes. You should look at a mix of the outsole material and the tread when determining the traction quality.


This refers to how far up a person’s leg the shoe extends, including the point at which the shoe turns into a boot. While most individuals would prefer a higher cut to prevent water and debris from getting into their feet and provide some protection for their lower legs, this can typically limit your mobility and make it harder for you to breathe in general. Furthermore, a shoe with a lower cut is frequently lighter and more comfortable than a higher cut.


As you can see, there are a lot of different options from which to choose. The article above has given you a quick introduction to the many types of lawn mowing shoes and how they work. In the end, it all depends on your own needs when it comes to lawn care. So, before you buy any of the lawn mowing shoes mentioned above, take a look at our comprehensive review of the product.

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