Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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  • Lightweight and easily maneuvered
  • Great for mowing around objects
  • Lasts longer than 30 minutes
  • Eliminates mowing fatigue


  • Short battery life
  • Small grass catcher

With this Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower review, you’ll find having a new yard tool can considerably improve your lawn’s quality. With professional features built into a user-friendly tool, you’ll find it’s an excellent option for most property sizes. Many components make it a considerable upgrade from your existing mowing equipment.

Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Known for their yard equipment, such as Snow Joe products, Sun Joe’s line of mowers is impressive. Many come with a 2-year warranty, a compact design ideal for most properties, and the ability to cut straight lines into your lawn. If you’re looking for a simple average mower with a decent run time and all-terrain wheels, this model is ideal.

There’s no doubt the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Mower is one of the more competitive models on the market. It’s ideal with multiple height adjustments, a relatively wide cutting width, and quality components. You’ll love using it for your residential lawns, and even your neighbors will consider investing in a new mower after seeing its performance.

The Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower is a massive upgrade from smaller, lesser quality mowers. The cordless design is remarkably more convenient than corded electric models. Also, its full battery operation makes it a more eco-friendly and affordable solution than gas-powered models.

If you’ve never had the benefit of using an electric mower in the past, this is a great entry-level model. You’ll receive lithium-ion batteries with the mower that charge relatively quickly and hold their charge. You should have plenty of time to cut up to ¼ acre-sized properties.

Most users will appreciate this affordable mower compared to a gas-powered mower and other electric models. You’ll never have to worry about extension cords again and have an average run time for battery-powered mowers. Also, you have the added benefit of more power than a totally nature-friendly push reel mower.

Who Is This Lawn Mower Meant For?

If you’re in the market for a new lawnmower, this is one of the top models to consider. You’ll find an assortment of fabulous features that make it an iconic part of your tool collection. Not only does it help to streamline your yard maintenance, but it also keeps your lawn in its best condition.

The versatility of the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Self-Propelled Mower makes it an excellent choice for professional landscapers. You’ll be able to customize different settings, such as cutting height, per customer. Also, its lightweight design makes it ideal for transporting from one property to the next.

Homeowners are by far the largest target audience for this cordless lawn mower kit. It boasts functionality with its rechargeable batteries. Also, it’s rather straightforward to assemble and start using for the first time.

This cordless self propelled lawn mower kit doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance, oil, or gasoline as gas mowers. You’ll find it’s not as high-powered as some gas models on the market. The Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is mainly recommended for small to midsize properties.

You’ll also find the mower is fantastic for homeowners with little storage space. Even the 4-rugged all-terrain wheels are small enough to take up less space. At such an affordable price, this mower’s compact size is remarkable.

What’s Included?

It’s important to note the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is available in different packages. There’s the base package, which comes with just the mower and one accessory. Some more comprehensive options feature a trimmer, different collection methods, and more.

However, the base package is the most affordable, and you can buy extra tools on the side at a future date. With the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower, you’ll receive the mower and a detachable 40L grass catcher. Additionally, it has a removable safety key to protect your family from accidental starts.

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Overview of Features

Let’s jump into the remarkable features of the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower.

  • 14″ Cutting Width

The Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is an excellent option for small to midsize properties. Its 14-inch wide path makes it a fantastic choice for getting into tight spaces. You’ll find it effortlessly navigates around corners, driveways, and patios to achieve the perfect lawn height.

  • Battery-Powered

Opting for a battery-powered or electric mower is a future-proof way to maintain your lawn. Instead of relying on a hard-to-start gas mower, this model features a reasonable amount of power for your yard work. You’ll find a 28V 4Ah lithium-ion battery included with your order.

The specific amount of cutting time you’ll have is dependent on the thickness and quality of your lawn. However, most users have found the battery stays strong for properties up to ¼ of an acre. Also, it features a built-in battery, so simply plug the unit in to recharge it at the end of your job rather than recharge additional batteries.

  • Adjustable Cutting Deck

Customizing the height of your eco-friendly cordless lawn mower is essential for tailoring the professional look of your lawn. With that said, the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower has an adjustable cutting deck. There are three different positions to choose from, making it easy for beginners to use.

The cutting adjustments are entirely manual to have a hands-on approach. You have to use the integrated lever to find the ideal cutting height.

  • Included Safety Key

The safety of the outdoor equipment you keep in your garage is essential, especially if you have small children and pets. Fortunately, this cordless brushless lawn mower kit comes with a safety key that’s needed to use the mower. Users must insert the key before turning the lawnmower on and remove it after you’re finished.

  • LED Battery Level Indicator

When cutting your lawn using an electric mower, dealing with a dying or dead battery can be challenging. Most models don’t indicate when it’s time for a charge, but this model is innovative. You’ll find an onboard LED battery level indicator, keeping you apprised of your remaining cutting time.

You’ll have to engage the built-in push button to check the battery. This feature allows you to easily look at your battery consumption during the job.

  • Detachable Grass Catcher

Most property owners will find the basic package for the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower ideal. You won’t need to buy any additional accessories as it comes with a detachable grass catcher. You’ll be able to hold up to 40L of grass clippings, keeping them off your lawn.

The grass catcher is uniquely designed for convenient disposal. You’ll have a built-in grass indicator window, helping you know when to empty clippings. This feature is essential, especially with affordable lawn mowers.

  • Instant Start

Gone are the days when you would have to handle a finicky pull cord to start your mower. With this model’s fully electric design, it starts up instantly, helping you get to mowing far faster. Also, with its high-quality brushless motor, you won’t have to worry about maintenance during the season or any pre-season tune-ups.

  • Quiet Cutting

There’s no doubt the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is one of the quieter mowers you’ll find. Thanks to its integrated motor, you’ll find you might not even need ear protection while managing your cutting path. It’s guaranteed that your neighbors will appreciate this model compared to older gas mowers.

How to Use This Mower

The Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is often regarded as one of the easier battery-powered mowers. Instead of having external batteries, it has a built-in unit, making it simpler to charge. The other features are also easy to use, especially if it’s your first time.

Step 1: Assemble the Mower

The essential components of the mower come preinstalled, such as the equipment in the cutting head. However, you’ll likely have to attach the handle bar to the bottom half of the unit. Using the included instructions, this process is quite simple.

Step 2: Charge the Battery

The next step in getting your new mower ready to be used is to charge the battery. It is a built-in lithium-ion battery that doesn’t require a third-party charger. Instead, all you have to do is plug the unit into a wall socket for it to charge.

In most instances, this entry level mower takes only four hours for its first charge. After four hours, unplug the device and run it until the battery is dead. After this process, you can give it another full charge before putting it to work.

Step 3: Adjust the Mower Deck Cutting Height

Before jumping into mowing, you must first adjust the mower deck cutting height positions. For this process, the mower needs to be on its side so you can have access to the adjustment tools. There are different settings for the 3-position height control built into this unit, which includes:

  • Low: 1.18 inches
  • Medium: 1.93 inches
  • High: 2.52 inches

You’ll need to pull on the rod axle and sit it to the position you need to make adjustments. All four of your wheels will then move to the appropriate grass height. Once this is done, you can continue with your startup steps.

Step 4: Start the Mower

Once your battery indicator shows you it’s fully charged, it’s time to start your battery-powered lawn mower. First, you’ll need to insert your safety key into its respective slot; otherwise, it won’t come to life. After inserted, tilt the handle down so the front of the mower is raised to prevent accidental cutting.

Next, you’ll need to press and hold the safety lock button located at the base of the switch lever. Also, engage the switch lever by pulling it towards you. This process will turn the mower on, and you can release the safety lock button, lowering the mower.

Step 5: Clean and Store the Mower

Once you’ve finished maintaining your lawn, it’s time to store the mower away. You must ensure all clippings are removed and clear the cutting blades. This helps protect the quality of the mower while also preventing rust and dirt buildup on the durable steel blade.

It’s also essential to empty your clippings bag of any caught debris. Always ensure you don’t use high-pressure water to clean your lawnmower, which can damage the cutting blades over time.


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One of the top alternatives to the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower is the PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower. Its unique design could be more beneficial for larger properties. Let’s look at some of the best features the PowerSmart model offers.

  • 21-Inch Cutting Deck: The largest advantage of this mower is that it has a significantly larger cutting deck. It will help you master more of your lawn in less time.
  • Gas-Powered: If you’re not sold on the benefits of electric mowers, this model is a good alternative for an affordable gas-powered option. It features a 209CC 4-stroke engine, giving you plenty of power for mid to larger-sized properties.
  • 95% Assembled: Homeowners that prefer not to assemble tools will appreciate the PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower. It arrives 95% assembled; all you need to do is add the handles before use.


Our Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower review found it’s an eco-friendly solution to lawn care. With its impressive power for small properties, it’s the type of mower great for detail work. Also, you’ll find it’s very lightweight and maneuverable, ideal for seniors.

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