Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills: Factors to Look For

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It’s lovely to have a mountainous terrain until the time comes to mow it. You can end up cursing why you bought the land with steep hills in the first place. Given that most lawn mowers are intended to mow up to 15 degrees, any inclination above that is deemed difficult. But you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore. The best lawn mower for steep hills can handle steep slopes and save time if you have a large yard. However, walk-behind mowers can be easier to control, quieter, and less expensive. 

Not all lawn mowers are created equal when mowing steep hills. We have done the work and compiled a list of the best lawn mowers for steep hills, slopes, and banks. This article will assist you in selecting the best lawn mower for steep hills while also providing a detailed overview of the lawn mower market.

Top 5 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills

1. EGO Power+ LM2142SP Electric Lawn Mower

Ego Power best lawn mower for steep hills

The EGO Power+ LM2142SP is the mower to beat in electric lawn mowers for steep hills, slopes, and banks. It is the most flexible electric mower on the market, with all of the features you need for all of your mowing needs. The LM2142 is a battery-powered self-propelled lawn mower that has the same power as a gas lawn mower but without noise and pollution. In addition, the EGO Power+ boasts a well-thought-out design that includes two replaceable batteries. The mower may run on one or two batteries if you need a longer run time. While one of the batteries is being use to power the mower, the other may be charged, ensuring that you never run out of power.

Moreover, separate throttle control is located on the left side of the handlebar, allowing you to modify speeds to suit your preferences. You don’t have to adjust the four wheels individually. The six-step height adjustment can set the cutting height between 1.5′′ and 4.25′′ with the push of a lever.

This lawn mower for steep hills is extremely user-friendly. With three preset positions on the handlebar that allow you to adjust the handle to your height. The EGO Power has a headlamp that allows you to work at night. Also a 10″ rear wheels provide the grip you need to climb steep hills. These characteristics, along with the elegance of an electric drivetrain, make it one of the most appealing lawn mowers on the market.

2. Honda HRX217K5VKA 4-in-1 Lawn Mower

honda best lawn mower for steep hills

Mowing a lawn with steep hills is substantially more difficult. Mowing speed, balance, and cut quality are all things to consider. In such situations, walk-behind mowers are extremely useful. The Honda HRX217K5VKA is the ideal lawn mower for steep hills. Honda is the pinnacle of engine design and manufacturing, and no one does it better. The HRX217K5VKA is no exception; it features a powerful 197cc engine that can efficiently cut through the grass.

Furthermore, it has a 21-inch deck with a twin-blade system instead of a single blade, allowing finer grass cutting. It also features a feature called leaf-shredding. In addition, Honda has included Roto-Stop as an innovative function on the HRX217K5VKA. The mower’s speed control capabilities allow it to mimic your speed, while the Roto-Stop feature allows the user to turn off the engine’s power to the blades. If you come across a branch, a simple touch of a button will switch off the electricity to the blades, allowing you to avoid turning off the mower engine.

The Hydrostatic Speed Control ensures that the mower is always power up, allowing you to mow even steep areas with ease. For a small to medium-sized lawn, the Honda HRX217K5VKA is overkill. Even though it costs a lot of money, the innovative features and outstanding performance make it well worth it.

3. Snapper 2911525BVE Classic Rear Engine Mower

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Snapper knows everything there is to know about lawn mowers and creates the greatest ones possible. They consider the users when designing the 2911525BVE. It has a lot of nice functions and a fantastic design.

Every aspect you look at the Snapper 2911525BVE reveals the meticulous attention to detail that went into its creation. Everything is at the user’s fingertips, and it’s all done with ease. Even if the terrain is uneven, the anti-vibration technology ensures that your ride remains smooth. Because of the design, the engine is well-protected and can run for many years.

The clever stand-on-edge feature helps you save a lot of storage space. The Snapper 2911525BVE is unquestionably the greatest riding mower for getting the job done in style. It also includes a well-designed Hi-Vac mower deck, which works like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up all the grass clippings and leaving you with a clean and tidy lawn. That improved debris management technology ejects and removes clippings to keep debris away from the engine. The combination of a pull-start function and ergonomic controls, as well as a powerful engine and a long-lasting build, make it well worth the money.

4. Greenworks 40V 21″ Brushless (Smart Pace) Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

greenworks lawn mower

GreenWorks 40V 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower takes inspiration from the trusty GreenWorks 25022 and removes the wire to create a completely cordless electric lawn mower for steep hills. The lawn mower comes with two batteries that will allow you to mow for over an hour. The GreenWorks 40V also comes with a smart-paced self-propelled system that adapts to your walking speed.

GreenWorks has a long history of producing high-quality lawn mowers, and their background has allowed them to create a user-friendly experience. When one battery runs out, the electrical drivetrain senses it and seamlessly swaps to the other. 

Furthermore, its 21 inches deck is large enough for any grass and will let you finish the job quickly. The mower offers a 7-step height adjustment to fine-tune the grass clippings, in addition to an excellent powertrain.

The lawn mower’s 8-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels provide exceptional traction when moving uphill or downhill, allowing it to ascend steep hills successfully. The 40V may also be store upright, taking about 70% less room than comparable lawn mowers.

5. Husqvarna Z254 


If you have large steep hills and want something to get the job done faster and easier, the Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower should be your first pick. Zero-turn mowers have captivated the mowing market with their superior performance and features, and they are, without question, the most dependable and efficient.

Moreover, the Husqvarna Z254 is the most competitive choice for its great combination of efficiency, convenience, and mobility that brings you comfort when mowing the steep lawn. It’s also specifically developed to meet the needs of hillside residents. The Husqvarna Z254 will make your sloping lawn more graceful by significantly trimming the steep spots. With each usage, the mower’s integrated maintenance-free transmission enhances the mower’s reliability and durability while also increasing the productivity of your yard.

It also comes with brand-new rubber bellows technology that keeps dust, debris, and other pollutants from the control system. Its user-friendly control panel places all functions at your fingertips, making it easy to use. Husqvarna equipped this model with a beautiful and aggressive bumper that is also sturdy enough to protect the unit’s nose. Lastly, they built Husqvarna Z254 with a stamped cutting deck and hefty steel reinforcements to make it dependable and long-lasting.

Factors to Look For the Best Lawn Mower for Hills

Although a steep hill lawn might create lovely gardening, it can also be difficult to mow. As a result, choosing the best lawn mower for steep hills, particularly the ride-on, may be difficult due to a lack of availability. When looking for a mower for your hilly lawn, keep the following factors in mind to make your search easier.

1. Engine Type

The engine type is a crucial characteristic to think about. Mowers that run on gas are powerful and efficient. They can mow for as long as their fuel lasts, and their power remains constant during that time. On the other hand, mowers power by electricity and have a plug are more efficient. Your mower is ready to cut some grass after inserting the plug into the socket. It does not require refueling and has one of the lowest maintenance costs. Finally, battery-powered mowers do not require a cord and do not require recharging before use. They’re lawn mower-style wireless lawn mowers that merely need to be charge. However, the number of hours they can use every recharge is determined by battery capacity.  

2. Deck Size

The deck size of a lawn mower determines how quickly you can mow your grass. The model, price, and engine type can range from 14 to over 30 inches. The best method to do this is to choose your engine type first and then determine how large a deck size you can afford within your budget. A larger blade equals a larger deck size, which means more area will be covered.

3. Maneuverability

This is determined by the machines’ weight, wheels, and overall mechanics. Because you’ll be mowing steep banks and slopes, you’ll need a mower that’s a good mix of lightweight, stability, and mobility. If you’re mowing a hilly landscape, a hefty walk-behind might be taxing because it requires more effort. 


We’ve given certain factors to consider before making your decision in your search for the best lawn mower for steep hills. In addition, we provided some choices for lawn mowing on steep hills that we believe are the best options based on their types and functions. We hope it assists you in making an informed decision and save you money by pointing you in the right direction. You can also check some of the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills.

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