Top 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills: 2022 Review

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Mowing your lawn regularly will maintain the grass short and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, most individuals find mowing the lawn a painful and difficult activity. Especially true if you have a large lawn with hills and uneven surfaces. You are so tired of just thinking about mowing your hilly lawn. Riding lawn mower for hills is the right tool for the job. A riding lawn mower is a terrific investment for a bigger hillside property because it is powerful, easy to operate, and made to last. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best riding lawn mower for keeping that uneven terrain looking great.

2022 Review of the Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

1. Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

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The Troy-Bilt model is excellent for landowners with medium-sized property and relatively hilly ground. It comes with a comfortable, mid-back seat and can effortlessly mow a lawn in any season. Because of the 18-inch turning radius, maneuvering is a breeze. Similarly, this machine has a manual power take-off that allows quick and easy blade engagement.

Moreover, the regular riding mower with a wide cut benefits from a 30-inch cutting deck with five customizable settings. Because the larger rear wheels (16 x 6.5 inches) and front wheels (13 x 5 inches) are more durable and easier to maneuver, their small size makes them easy to transport. This riding lawn mower for hills is powered by a powerful OHV 382cc engine that is engineered to operate well and last a long time. It has a 1.3-gallon tank and a fuel sight window so you can see how much gas is left. There’s also a 2-year limited warranty and thorough coverage so that you can count on it to last.

2. Ryobi 38-Inch 100 Ah RY48111 Riding Lawn Mower

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This Ryobi model is for you if you want a riding lawn mower that can handle slopes with a 10-15 percent incline. It boasts a brushless engine that can give a high level of performance and power with less effort. Also, after sharpening the blade and charging the battery, this type requires almost minimal maintenance. In addition, a 38-inch cutting deck is ideal for the rear-engine mower since it provides the most coverage. The mower has a 16-inch turning radius, making it easy to manage in confined situations. It can run for around 2.5 hours when completely charged, making it ideal for small and mid-sized lawns.

The gas motor is quieter at 70 decibels, making it more enjoyable to mow the grass at any time of day without worrying about annoying the neighbors. You’ll also receive an adjustable mid-back seat, which will give you plenty of room to maneuver the machine. Furthermore, the small size makes it simple to store in a garage or shed without taking up too much room.

3. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower

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This Husqvarna riding lawn mower can take performance, comfort, and productivity to new heights. It has a 27-horsepower Briggs endurance engine that can give fast ground speeds and consistent starts. Because of the individual and hydraulic wheel-drive, the lawn mower can be precisely maneuvered and rotates around the axis without turning the radius.

Moreover, rubber isolators on this model allow the mower to be separated from the frame with reduced operator fatigue. You will get an ergonomic seat that will keep you comfortable for long shifts. You will be amaze at how relaxing you’ll feel while sitting on your back. It also incorporates a deck lifting system, allowing simple and quick adjustments.

It has an hour meter that will tell you when it’s time to service the mower. The nine-bushel collecting system is essential for increasing adaptability and production. Also, its technological design makes it simple to install or remove in a matter of minutes. Lastly, it does come with an 11-gauge steel cutting deck that can provide a good 54-inch cut.

4. Raven MPV7100 Riding Hybrid Lawn Mower

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This Raven riding lawn mower is one of the best models for mowing around and up hills that includes a 7100-watt generator to power the blade’s outlets and charge the batteries. Thanks to the front off-road style suspension and shocks, it’s a serious workhorse for pleasure.

The mower has a 14″ turning radius and a transit speed of 17 mpg, making it easy to navigate in tight bends. It also has a comfortable seat and a light steering wheel, which can help avoid wrist and hand discomfort when riding for long periods. Moreover, this mower can mow in reverse, which can drastically reduce your mowing time. Because of the 46-inch deck, you can cut a lot of grass in a short amount of time. It has a vacuum, mulch, and discharge option, all of which make cleanup a breeze.

This lawn mower has a top speed of 17 miles per hour. However, we advocate conquering hills in the lower gears modestly. The importance of rear wheel drives cannot be overstated because they provide exceptional handling and traction. It also includes built-in headlights, allowing for optimal mowing conditions at any time of day or night. When it comes to riding lawn mower for hills, remember that safety is vital. This is a terrific riding lawn mower for even the toughest duties, as it is not only a lawn mower but also a utility vehicle.

5. Craftsman Briggs & Stratton T225 Gas-Powered Riding 19 HP Lawn Mower

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If you seek a high-quality riding lawn mower that can swiftly mow rough terrain choose this Craftsman tool since it features a robust gas engine that can handle a larger yard work. It has ready start technology for starters, which allows for a rapid and efficient start. It also has a 46-inch cutting deck, which allows you to cut, clip, and trim grass in one rapid sweep, saving you time. 

With the help of the mower-in-reverse, you may maneuver the mower out and in of problem situations. There is a high-back cushioned seat that delivers smooth and optimal comfort when riding. The mower’s 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels ensure long-lasting performance, easier maneuverability, and better clearance throughout the yard. 

Moreover, the Craftsman’s wheels provide more traction, preventing the mower from skidding or slipping. It can also easily handle rough terrain while causing no damage to the lawn. It also has a 5-inch tight turning radius, making cutting grass around obstacles simple.

Things to Look For the Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

You may always go for a riding lawn mower if you need to adopt an easy method for keeping your grass clean and groomed. Lawn mowers are simple and technologically advanced, so they can get the job done faster than physical labor. It’s vital to keep the following factors in mind while looking for the best riding lawn mower for hills:

1. Weight

Weight will be crucial when selecting a riding lawn mower for hills. You’ll want a mower that’s a little heavier than average. This will give you enough grip on the downhill sections, which are the most dangerous. These mowers’ weight also helps to keep them from tipping over.

2. Stability and Traction

Rear-wheel-drive riding lawn mowers have superior traction on slopes than front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive equipment. Larger rear wheels on most rear-wheel-drive ride-on mowers provide higher traction due to the complete area of the tire that is always in touch with the ground. Furthermore, traction and vehicle stability improve as the mower’s profile goes lower.

3. Lawn Size and Slope

While some riding lawn mowers are more equip for hills than others, the ideal pick for you will ultimately be determine by your yard. Although rear-engine mowers are safer, they take much longer to mow a large yard than a tractor-style mower. If you have a steeply sloping yard, you’ll need to balance power and safety carefully when choosing the best riding lawn mower for hills.

4. Engine size

The mower will be laboring against gravity when mowing grass up the hill. As a result, a strong engine of sufficient capacity is required to complete the task. The size should be between 190 and 800 cubic meters to provide you with a good mowing time. This is because the engine’s power is determined by the size and slope of your garden.

5. User-friendly

The riding lawn mower for hills must be user-friendly. You should pay close attention to features like the mower’s simplicity of starting and maneuverability. It should also be simple to put together. Furthermore, to make it worthwhile, look for a model that can perform a variety of tasks such as side, release, mulching, and packing.


Your lawn care will be a lot easier after you’ve selected the correct riding lawn mower for hills. Purchasing one of these riding lawn mowers is a significant investment, and you should conduct extensive research before making your final decision. Getting a lawn mower with a long and comprehensive warranty is a good idea. However, if you have a very large lawn, riding lawn mowers for 5 acres is the best fit for the job.

Remember that operating a riding lawn mower for hills, no matter how well made it is, can be harmful. Your mower has a good chance of flipping over. Before attempting to use it, make sure you read your user’s manual and follow all safety precautions.

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