Best Lawn Mower Under 500 of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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You don’t have to spend a fortune for an efficient and reliable lawn mower. In fact, many mid-priced options can guarantee power and performance, such as the best lawn mower under 500.

We scoured the market for the most sought-after lawn mowers and scrutinized their features to help you find the right equipment for your turf.

Best Lawn Mower Under 500 Reviews

1. Sun Joe AJ798E Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

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Sun Joe is a manufacturer of eco-friendly lawn mowers that has been around since 2009, featuring an array of self-propelled mowers that are durable, effective, and affordable.

The Sun Joe AJ798E is a budget lawn mower that delivers plenty of power to cut even tough grass in your yard. It rakes around 13 inches wide path to help you get the job done fast.


The AJ798E is a self-propelled lawn mower that runs on a 12-amp motor. One of the biggest perks of electric lawn mowers is they require very little maintenance.

The machine comes with an electric dethatcher that allows you to dispose of collected weed clumps easily.

  • Design and Build

The Sun Joe AJ798E is made of alloy steel that is more durable and resistant to corrosion than carbon steel. It feels pretty robust and only weighs 22 pounds.

The AJ798E features two large front wheels and two smaller tires at the back, which are made of thick and durable plastic.

  • Functionality

The 798 is similar to the 801 models; the only difference is that the latter got rid of the angled handlebars and removed the highest height adjustment.

Son Joe also upgraded some parts in this model and changed the arrangement of the tines on the dethatching cylinder. The lawn mower comes with a dethatching cylinder, a specialized type of blade that can be effective in removing thatch if used properly.

That said, you can use the machine to rake out pine needles, dead grass, and moss.

The dethatching cylinder does a great job of breaking up the debris on the surface of the lawn. Meanwhile, the scarifying cylinder works fantastically at removing the root balls or thatch just above and below the surface.

The scarifier also cuts trenches for better seed-to-soil contact and pulls out all the debris, giving your lawn breathing room for new growth.

The machine has Sun Joe’s Airboost technology that involves spring steel tines for maximum thatch pickup. Thus, it can rake at varying depths.

You can choose from five height levels, so you get the ideal raking depth for your turf. This lawn mower also comes with a detachable thatch collection bag that can accommodate up to eight gallons of debris.

  • Maintenance

The Sun Joe AJ798E is very easy to maintain. You can clean out the vents by hand or maybe with a brush, dust off the motor housing, and check if the mounting device for the cylinder is secure and the blades are sharp.

If you experience excess vibration, you likely need to replace the cylinder.

To replace the cutting device, simply remove the thatch collection bag and place the machine upside down on the flat ground to access the underbody. Next, loosen the locking bolts using a hex key wrench to access the cutting device.

To remove the cutting device, lift the bearing seat and pull it out from the drive shaft. You can clean the machine’s exterior using a cloth or soft brush; no need to use water, solvent, or polish.

  • Assembly

The Sun Joe AJ798E is very easy to assemble. Simply attach the lower handlebars, and screw them into the machine using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Then, attach the middle handlebars with the handle knobs and bolts. Next, attach the upper handle frame with the handle knobs and bolts. Lastly, attach the cable clips, and then it’s all set up.


  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • Grass clippings can accumulate in the front

2. Greenworks 2-in-1 Power Tool

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The Greenworks cordless mower is another reliable machine we recommend to homeowners with small to medium yards. It’s among the battery-powered mowers with an affordable price tag.


Featuring a stainless steel body with a 14-inch dethatching path that allows you to complete your task faster and more efficiently, this entry from Greenworks is one of your best bets. Here are its key features:

  • Design and Build

Let’s start this review by talking about the overall build quality of the Greenworks lawn mower.

The tool is made out of a majority of plastic and aluminum frames. Even so, it seems like it’s well-built and compact that it can fit in the trunk of your car.

You need a standard 40-volt battery that gives you up to 30 minutes of runtime. Moreover, the wheels are made of sturdy plastic material.

  • Parts

The best thing about battery-powered models is that they are so convenient to use. With no belts, throttles, and gears that make up a gas-powered lawn mower, this type of mower requires very little maintenance.

Greenworks delivers the performance of gas lawn mowers at the touch of a button. It has two functions: dethatching and scarifying.

The dethatching part has blades that cut through and remove the thatch to the soil surface, while the scarifier removes dead moss and grass cuttings.

Another nice feature is it has a side for the grass to come out, so you can put a little mulching attachment in the back. It also has a bag that lets you store the thatch and debris.

The four wheels adjust at once, which is pretty convenient, unlike most lawn mowers that have wheels that need to be adjusted individually.

The machine also has a variable speed feature that basically gives it more power when you’re cutting high grass and slows it down when you’re cutting low grass. By the way, it features a five-point depth adjustment for dethatching and scarifying.

The machine operates quietly, which is another plus, especially if you get quite irritated with the buzzing noise of a gas push mower. It has a sound similar to that of a fan.

The machine can also be folded up and leaned against the wall for easy storage. Unlike a gas-powered mower, you can lean an electric mower vertically against the wall and not worry about the fuel spilling out.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful


  • Battery sold separately

3. EGO Select Cut Cordless Lawn Mower

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This cordless lawn mower from Ego features a powerful multi-blade cutting system that works on most types of grass. It can cut powerfully and efficiently with a quick and easy push-button start.


The new Ego Select cordless lawn mower features a new blade design and an improved 1000W brushless motor. Here’s a detailed look at its key features:

  • Build Quality

The Ego Select Cut lawn mower is made of mostly heavy-duty plastic materials. It’s powered by an advanced battery technology that Ego claims to be more powerful than gas, minus the fuss and fumes.

The patented 56V ARC lithium battery offers intelligent power management and prevents overheating.

  • Parts

The biggest upgrade to the Ego cordless lawn mower is the addition of twin blades. They are coaxial, which means they share the same axis as opposed to side by side, as seen in most commercial lawn mowers.

It creates multiple layers of cuts, resulting in finer clippings.

The Select Cut multi-blade cutting system features a mulching blade and an extended run time blade that can be interchanged, depending on your desired use. You can also use the twin blades interchangeably depending on your desired cut.

Among the helpful features of the Ego lawn mower is the touch drive technology. It’s a three-step motor safety activation process before the lawn mower starts.

To start the mower, simply hold down the power button and pull the activation bar. 

On the dashboard of the handlebar is a switch for the LED headlights, which means you can use the machine in the late afternoon when the sun is already setting.

The Ego is another good choice if you’re in the market for self-propelled mowers. In the center is a variable dial that lets you control the speed of your mower from 1.4 mph to 3.6 mph.

Like its predecessor, the Ego lawnmower kit includes a 56V 7.5 battery pack and a fast charger. Nonetheless, it is compatible with other types of batteries.

The new Ego lawn mower features an easy startup. Unlike the old model that completely recesses the power-up button on the handle, the new Ego lawn mower lets you access it with your thumb before pulling back the bail bar.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Improved self-propel mechanism
  • The dual blade design enhances mulching and bagging performance


  • Mulching blade reduces run-time

4. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Lawn Mower

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If you’re looking for a cheaper model big enough for a small yard, this outdoor power tool from American Lawn Mower is the real deal. It’s an electric lawn mower with a 14-inch cutting deck and a 50-foot-long household extension cord for easy mobility.


A high-quality corded lawn mower like the 50514 is best for mowing a small suburban lawn. While its cord limits the range you can cut, it also helps deliver immediate power without worrying about recharging batteries or dealing with messy, smoky gasoline engines.

Let’s take a look at the overall performance of the 50514 lawn mower.

  • Design and Build

This mower has a body made of alloy steel and weighs just a little over 20 pounds. The lightweight design of the machine makes it easy to operate and move around the yard.

The machine is also foldable for easy storage and transport.

  • Functionality

This corded electric lawn mower has a two-in-one functionality. You can set it up as a mulching mower that transforms the harvested grass clippings into fine pieces that decompose quickly on your lawn. Or, you can set it up as a bagging lawn mower.

The machine comes with a collection bag that carries up to 15 gallons of grass.

The adjustable handle makes maneuvering the mower easy and comfortable. You can adjust the handle height of the mower, which is nice if you have different people mowing your lawn.

The 50514 also delivers powerful capabilities. Despite being just over 25 pounds, it is extremely tough and durable. Plus, it features a large blade with five changeable cutting height adjustments.

The American Lawn Mower Company 50514 isn’t just designed for performance but also for comfort. The ergonomic handle comes with a cushion grip for comfort and ease of use.

There is also a cord retention hook for improved mobility. The American Lawn Mower Company 50514 also has a push-button start that activates the 11-amp motor. It has enough power and agility to handle small yards.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Easy to maintain
  • 2-in-1 versatility


  • No self-propulsion

5. PowerSmart 80V Battery Lawn Mower

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PowerSmart has been manufacturing lawn care equipment for over a decade. They are among the trusted brands for lawn mowers and outdoor accessories.

The PowerSmart 80V Battery Lawn Mower is a three-in-one push lawn mower with 21 inches of cutting width.


The PowerSmart 80V Battery Lawn Mower is versatile equipment perfect for mulching, bagging, and side-discharging. Thanks to the following features:

  • Design and Build

Powersmart is among the most efficient battery mowers featuring a big cutting blade. Unlike standard mowers, this machine lets you adjust the cut to five levels, ranging from 1.18 inches to 3.02 inches.

There are also two 11.5-inch rear wheels and smaller 8-inch front wheels for stability.

The mower is mostly plastic, but the cutting deck is steel. On the side is the opening for the bagger, which is spring-loaded so if you want to mulch, just let it close.

  • Functionality

The PowerSmart has a foldable handle for easy maneuvering, transport, and storage. There’s also a rear bag for storing the clippings.

The mower is powered by an 80V DC battery system that delivers a powerful performance and a long battery life.


  • Big cutting blade
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and maneuverable


  • Max blade height is pretty short
  • Catch bag fills up quickly

Which Among the Affordable Lawn Mowers Should I Choose?

If you’re looking for an affordable lawn mower, any of the five products above are excellent for homeowners with small yards. They are electric mowers with varying deck sizes to suit different yard sizes.

However, when it comes to features and versatility, the best lawn mower under 500 is the Sun Joe AJ798E. This self-propelled lawn mower is powerful, durable, and requires little maintenance. You can use it for dethatching and scarifying, so it makes a valuable ally on the lawn.

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