Best Push Mower For Striping: Striping Like A Pro

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Have you ever had a sense of awe or vicarious pleasure when you saw one of those neatly striped lawns? In reality, it is completely dependent on the lawn mower. For making flawless stripes, high-quality tools with well-positioned rear rollers are essential for the best push mower for striping.

We all look at places with the best push mower for striping since they produce a flawless result. Whether you merely want to mow the lawn or are a serious gardener, the best lawn mower will make your gardening experience much easier. However, if your lawn mower isn’t intended for the job, no matter how carefully you handle it or how hard you push it, you won’t get the stripes you want. Whether you’re looking for a lawn mower for medium-sized lawns or a larger one, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best push mower for striping, considering their size, preferred power source, and price.

Best Push Mower For Striping

1. Bosch Cordless Lawn Mower EasyRotak 36-550 for Striping

best push mower for striping

Limiting cords or batteries with short runtimes cannot support hard work, so large lawns and electric mowers are rarely a good match. With the fantastic cordless Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550, Bosch has found a method to make it work. This mower is powered by two 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, each with 30-45 minutes of runtime, for a total of 90 minutes of continuous mowing. Additionally, it has a quick charging period of only seventy minutes for a full charge.

Bosch EasyRotak has a 43-centimeter cutting breadth and powerful PowerDrive technology that can provide you with a tough, dependable lawn mower that can easily manage a 600-square-meter lawn. It also includes an energy-saving model that saves up to 15% battery capacity by lowering the power when high output isn’t required. This lawn mower has an ergonomic design and ease of use with two handles and a simple push start button considerably decreases the amount of work required. Additionally, a grass collector saves you time and energy. There are ten cutting heights for a precise cut, a comb, and a back roller for the perfect striped finish. However, this model is inefficient when cutting on a curve, and its longevity is unsatisfactory.

2. WORX WG743.9 40V PowerShare 4.0Ah 17″ Lawn Mower w/Mulching & Intellicut for Striping

best push mower for striping

The Worx 40V 17″ Lawn Mower with INTELLICUT is powered by two 20V Power Share batteries, giving you gas-like performance without the mess. Plus, it’s quieter and easier to maintain compared to gas mowers. When you meet thicker, denser grass, the INTELLICUT function allows you to increase the torque for smoother cuts. In terms of precision and comfort when cutting, the WORX WG743.9 electric mower will match the performance of higher-rated models. The 14-inch deck on this mower makes it great for tiny lawns. 

The mower has a foam-padded handle and tough but turf-friendly tires for additional control. It enables mulching, bagging, and rear discharge and has three cutting heights. The included full bag indicator lets you know when the 1.27-bushel collection bag should be emptied. It’s really easy to store and makes almost little noise. If you want to buy this mower but have a large lawn, setting it to ECO mode will help you increase its run time and make it easier to control. 

3. LawnMaster MEB1114K Electric Corded Lawn Mower for Striping

best push mower for striping

Look no further than the LawnMaster electric lawn mower for the best push mower for striping with plenty of power and longevity. This mower features a 15-inch high-impact rust-resistant deck and a revolutionary dual blade system that consistently delivers clean, uniform cuts on small to medium-sized lawns. Moreover, this electric push mower for striping features a powerful 11 AMP motor that spins at 3300 RPM, providing enough power to tackle challenging yards and create a fresh, clean striped lawn in no time.

It has a one-touch height adjustment lever and six cutting settings ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches. This ensures that you always get great results and a perfectly clean grass edge. Additionally, it has an adjustable handle for added convenience. The 7-gallon collecting bag, on the other hand, will store a lot of grass clippings for each use. You won’t have to stop and dispose of your clippings when mowing your lawn this way. It includes freely rotating front wheels that allow the user to adjust it left or right without raising it off the ground. It also folds up rapidly for convenient storage. However, some users have reported difficulty maneuvering the vehicle, and the wheels have become stuck on rough ground.

Things to Know About Lawn Striping

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Lawn striping encourages grass growth.

Mowing your lawn in one direction results in grooves, ruts (track markings), holes, or low-growth regions, all of which result in a mottled and uneven lawn. Taller grass blades bend over shorter grass blades like a canopy over uneven lawns, obstructing their access to the sun until they die. Mowing the lawn in two different directions for a striped look, on the other hand, prevents lawn malformations and low patches, resulting in a pristine and uniform lawn in which all grass receives equal sun exposure and grows.

Lawn striping isn’t appropriate for all grass species.

The best choices for striping are cold-season grasses such as tall and fine fescues, which thrive in the early spring and early fall. Under the pressure of the lawn roller, their longer, more flexible blades bend readily. On the other hand, warm-season grasses such as Bermuda and St. Augustine have shorter, more robust blades that are less prone to bending. Because those grass blades are more likely to bounce back, don’t expect them to keep their stripes.

Lawn striping can offer a variety of looks.

You can use a variety of designs to stripe your grass, including the actual stripes, a checkerboard, and diagonally. Start by mowing around the lawn perimeter to create a basic stripe pattern that runs north-south or east-west. Create a simple stripe design first, then mow the same pattern perpendicular to the stripes for a checkerboard appearance. Lastly, create the stripe pattern, but instead of mowing parallel to the lawn edge, mow diagonally from the edge for a diagonal pattern.

Lawn striping should not be done in the same pattern every mowing.

Mow as often as necessary to maintain that 2.5- to 4-inch grass height, which could range from once or twice a week during the summer to twice or five times a week throughout the fall and winter. However, you should not re-stripe your lawn in the same pattern and direction more than every two weeks, as this will cause the grass to lie flat permanently. After every two weeks, switch up the pattern for the best results.

How to Stripe the Lawn Like a Pro

Mow Properly

The first step to a great-looking lawn is to mow your lawn correctly. Even if you think you’re very good with a lawn mower, it never hurts to brush up. Set your mower’s blade to the proper height for your grass type.

Know the type of grass grass

Light refracts off grass blades, creating a striped look. When blades are bent in the same way as you, they appear dark, and when they are bent in the opposite direction, they appear brighter. The extent to which your lawn may be striped to resemble a baseball field is determine by the ability of your grass blades to bend and stay bent. The striped look is best accentuated with cool-season grasses.

Think of the pattern

Choose a pattern that works best for you and your yard before cutting and rolling. It’s easy to make parallel stripes and perhaps the most frequent striping effect. Other patterns to consider are softly curving stripes that give a wave appearance, ideal for blending with curved hardscapes. On the other hand, cut in circles around circular landscape objects for a dramatic effect. Lastly, a checkerboard or chessboard design is a more intricate pattern, which can be found on some baseball grounds.

Invest in a Lawn Roller

Stripes are created naturally when you mow, but they don’t last long. A grass roller brings out the stripes and makes them last longer between mows. After mowing, there are manual push lawn rollers available, as well as tow-behind rollers that may be attach to your riding or push mower during cutting. Because you must connect it to your mower, some striping systems will require some installation. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions.


Mowing the lawn is a time-consuming and tiresome process, much alone constructing a striped lawn. You must get the most bang for your buck and ensure that the time and effort you invest into lawn care is repaid. A push mower for striping is available from a variety of lawn mower manufacturers. Choosing the proper product is based on your requirements, but we all know that not all of them are satisfactory. I hope this post has assisted you in selecting the appropriate lawn mower to maintain a clean and professional-looking striped lawn year after year. Also, here’s a full overview of what to look for and the best  self-propelled mower under $300

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