Best Tires for Zero Turn Mower 2022 Buying Guide

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In recent years, zero turn lawn mowers have grown in popularity to the point the market is swamped with various types. There’s no doubt that riding a zero-turn lawn mower not only helps the job go faster, but it’s also a lot of fun. Something is thrilling about riding in a vehicle that can make tight turns and maneuver with ease. That said, cutting deck isn’t the only factor to consider on a zero turn mower. You should also look for the best tires for zero turn mower. The tires will determine the mower’s success on diverse terrains. However, even the best zero-turn mower won’t get the results you want with faulty tires. The incorrect tires have no traction, poor cut jobs, and can even cause harm. 

Luckily, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for information on the best tires for zero turn mower. Here’s a list of the five best tires for zero turn mower to make your choice easier. These tires are designed to handle a variety of terrain while still providing the necessary hardness and traction.

Top 5 Best Tires for Zero Turn Mower

1. MARASTAR 21446-2PK 15×6.00-6″ Front Tire Assembly Replacement-Craftsman Mower

best tires for zero turn mowers

If you’re searching for tires that are simple to install in your mower, this is a great option! The MARASTAR 21446-2PK has pneumatic tires that are suited for outdoor use. These air-filled tires can handle a variety of terrain, so you may use them even if you’re driving on uneven ground. Installing these tires in your mower might make it ride more smoothly. Furthermore, regardless of the terrain’s unevenness, these tires can reduce shaking and bumping. The tires can offer traction since the materials are thicker treads, allowing you to drive across uneven and loose conditions.

You can replace the damaged or zero turn old tire and wheel assembly yourself because it is simple to install. As a result, you will save a lot of money and time. This tire is 4-ply rated, which means it has a lot of capacity and strength. The tires are designed to carry heavyweights. On the other hand, these tires are designed specifically for turf, pavement, and lawns. These tires can provide a more comfortable ride, particularly on solid surfaces.

2. Carlisle Turf Saver II Lawn & Garden Tire – 20X8-8

best tires for zero turn mowers

The tread blocks on the Carlisle Turf Saver II are hollow on the inside. This gives the Carlisle a modest advantage in preserving the grass beneath it and traction on extremely slick areas. The tread blocks of the Carlisle, on the other hand, aren’t as durable or stable, limiting their use on the hard packed ground. 

Furthermore, the tires are designed not only to be safe but also to be extremely efficient. That way, you’ll be able to complete whatever task you’re working on time. These tires are ideal for agriculture, construction, or routine outside maintenance. The strong design aids in the smooth steering of the mower and provides a completely smoother yet firmer ride. However, the tire also has a circular tread pattern, limiting its use on dry surfaces. Still, the Carlisle is an excellent hill tire for the vast majority of people. The Carlisle Turf Saver II is extremely sturdy and durable despite the hollow tread blocks.

3. Marathon 30326 13×5.00-6″ Flat Free Lawn mower Tire

best tires for zero turn mowers

Marathon Industries specializes in lawn and garden equipment, and its tires are regarded as extremely durable and dependable. The nicest part about having these tires is that they are inexpensive for high-quality material and design. Marathon employs solid polyurethane foam of the highest quality. It’s not only adaptable but also long-lasting.

The product is equip with turf tread, protecting it from damage and wear. Every gardener, I’m sure, wants a lovely lawn that isn’t destroyed by the lawn mower. Marathon tires are non-marking, so you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is safe. Because the tires feature oil-infused bushings, your zero turn mower will run smoothly. A design like this also helps a lot with uneven roads. The weight capability of the tires is 400 pounds. That means you can use them with your lawn mower without fear of damaging it.

4. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire – 18X9.50-8

carlisle knobby

Changing your tires with the Carlisle is a great idea, especially if the growing season is well underway. The tires were designed with safety and efficiency in mind, so you can get your work done quickly. This tire can be use for construction, agriculture, outdoor maintenance, and household lawn tasks. Superior ozone protection, better chemicals, and damage-minimization technologies are all features of the Knobby ATV. Not to add, its robust rib shape makes steering a breeze.

Also, it has knob tread tires, which make it a fantastic choice for traction, especially on hard ground. These tubes are design to reduce rolling resistance, support long-term use, withstand heavy loads, avoid air leakage, resist heat and age-related failure, and extend tread life. Carlisle tubes, in particular, are puncture-resistant and have excellent air retention qualities.

5. Arnold 11″ x 4″ Universal Replacement Flat-Free Tire for Zero-Turn Mowers

arnold 11

Replace noticeably worn and damaged tires with the Arnold Replacement Rubber Tire to improve traction and prevent lawn turfing. This heavy-duty wheel and rim combo has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it fits, performs, and is safe. Most household and commercial zero-turn mowers with 11″ x 4.00-5″ wheels and 3/4″ or 5/8″ axles will fit the adaptable universal tire. 

The tire is durable due to its broad-shouldered, puncture-resistant structure, and the bolt-on rim and tire combo is a low-effort, low-cost solution for replacing your lawn tractor tires. Smooth tread, a 3.4″ centered hub, and 3/4″ bushings are all hallmarks of this wheel. The tire is 11″ x 4.00-5 and has a load rating of 350 lbs. It will surely be able to support huge loads.

Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Tires for Zero Turn Mowers

It is simple to replace a tractor tire that has become worn or damaged. You may either do it yourself or take the mower to a reputable tire shop. However, you should first choose which tire is acceptable for your mower. To help you make an informed decision, here are some crucial things to look for when buying the best tires for zero turn mower.

Tire Dimensions

When choosing a zero turn tire, the tire’s size is also an important factor to consider. Like classic lawn tractors, zero turn mowers usually feature two identical front and rear tires, with the rear tires being bigger than the front tires. The size of the tire is normally located on the right side. It’s commonly express in terms of rim width, height, and inch. The bigger the tire, the smaller the zero turn’s footprint, resulting in less turf compaction. Whatever you do, be sure the tire fits your mower’s original rim.

Tread Design

In addition to selecting the proper tire size, you must also consider the tread design. There is frequently a lot of room within the tread pattern of high traction tires. And it’s because of this that they have such a tough aspect. Make sure your tires have a grass tread on the sidewall with a squared-off appearance. A turf tire with a long sideways s-tread or a dog bone tread is used by lawn care specialists. Greater traction is usually achieved by using a more aggressive tread pattern with more inner space. So, before purchasing the best tires for zero turn mower, make sure you pay attention to the tire’s tread design.

Ply Rating

It’s also crucial to consider the tire’s ply rating. The load-carrying capacity of a tire is measure by its ply rating. A tire with a greater ply grade is also stronger, tougher, and more puncture and abrasion-resistant. 2-ply, 4-ply, and 6-ply are the most common ply ratings found in most tires. A better ply rating is desired, but it can also be costly.


When it comes to picking the best tires for a zero turn mower, the quality of the rubber is crucial. Pneumatic tires are frequently comprise of extremely durable materials. Of course, when riding on slopes, the tire must be sufficiently sturdy. However, many individuals overlook the fact that it should also be stretchy. As a result, I propose that you look for flexible rubber enough to climb the steepest hills and provide good traction.


As you may know, an excessively heavy tire is not a good choice. The tire will not be flexible enough to deal with rocks and potholes if it is too heavy. However, if the tire is excessively light, it is also incorrect. The kickback on garden vehicles is usually rather high, especially when riding uphill. As a result, if your tires are too light, the weight will not distribute evenly, making riding the machine inconvenient. As a result, you should go for the tire with the most weight.


Finally, our review of the best tires for zero turn mower comes to a close. We hope we’ve been able to dispel any doubts you may have had about what the greatest product is and what to look for. It’s critical to invest in a good tire to assure your safety, as well as the safety of your zero turn mower and your driving experience.

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