How Many Hours Does a Lawn Mower Engine Last?

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A quality lawn mower typically isn’t a cheap purchase, so you want to know as much about a potential purchase as possible.

How many hours does a lawn mower engine last? That’s an important question to answer before picking out a mower.

The mower engine’s quality, use, and maintenance affect how long it will survive.

A mower should last at least eight to 10 years with regular usage and adequate maintenance.

It translates to a small engine’s average lifespan of 500-750 hours; for a larger engine, this tends to mean 750 to 1000 hours of usage.

This also implies the engine size, usage, brand, and maintenance significantly influence a mower engine’s lifespan.

Apart from a lawn mower’s life expectancy or manufacturer rating, other factors could impair the machine’s performance and reduce its overall lifespan.

Below, we discuss some factors that might impact how long a mower lasts and consider preventative steps that might prolong the equipment’s life.

Four Factors That Determine Lawn Mower Engine Lifespan

What are the usual culprits that tell you how long a mower’s engine can be of service?

Here they are:

1. Mower Brand and Quality

Lawn mowers come in a wide variety of brands and styles.

Some companies emphasize on value and provide models with less expensive engine components.

Other brands offer affordable models and a premium line with pricier but more durable professional models.

Pricier mowers usually last longer, though you mustn’t consider it a general rule.

A mid-sized mower by an esteemed company can last eight to 10 years with proper maintenance, but this could be reduced significantly with little to no maintenance.

Years are a poor unit to use, let alone gauge a lawn mower’s lifespan.

The average hours worked is a more useful metric because it takes usage into account. 

2. Engine Size

Fundamentally speaking, the power of a gas model mower is equal to that of its engine’s displacement, cylinder count, or fuel type.

Single-cylinder piston engines range in size from modest to huge twin-cylinder piston engines (riding lawn mowers).

An engine in a single-cylinder lawn mower may run for 500 to 750 hours. A larger engine typically has a 1000-hour lifespan.

These figures only apply when doing the suggested maintenance and are merely preliminary estimations.

Remember that the engine’s life is calculated based on the number of cycles run per hour when determining the hour rating.

A lawn mower’s lifespan as a whole may vary due to the numerous additional components and aspects you must take into account.

how many hours does a lawn mower engine last

3. Usage

How you use your mower engine significantly impacts its lifespan.

For instance, when used on a lawn with high grass and bushes that it can hardly handle, a small lawn mower’s lifespan may be reduced to 500 to 550 hours instead of the expected 650 to 750 hours.

The added strain on the engine is to blame for this. With a strong lawn mower, the same scenario will not have as big of an impact.

Similarly, a mower designed for residential use may not last as long in an industrial setting with expansive gardens and properties.

This kind of usage has an impact on lifespan, as well.

The engine is affected severely by more frequent brief bursts than by lengthier, less frequent mowing sessions.

Then, there’s the terrain. The engine will have to work harder on steep inclines than it would on a purely flat region of your lawn.

Again, this could expedite engine tearing. You will also notice the engine becomes weaker as it works on the more slopey areas of your yard.

4. Maintenance

It’s no secret that a well-maintained mower will be in service longer.

The engine has numerous elements, each requiring specific care to improve its lifespan.

For instance, you should change the oil in your mower after 50 hours of use and sharpen the blades every 25 hours.

With the riding mower’s larger engine, the interval between oil changes increases to 100 hours.

Similarly, the engine must be serviced every 48 or 50 hours or once a year, whichever comes first.

Along with the yearly oil change, other maintenance services should also be provided to ensure an efficient spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter.

If the mower receives proper care and maintenance and has all its service needs met, it may operate effectively for at least as long as its rated life.

How to Increase Your Mower’s Lifespan?

By paying attention to the following, you can lengthen your mower’s engine life:

1. Oil

Change the oil in your mower regularly. The owner’s manual should have the recommended frequency of this activity.

Most makes and models must be serviced every year or after about 50 hours, whichever comes first.

For your part, it would be wise to check the oil’s color frequently to assess its condition and replace it if necessary.

You should also be as concerned about the oil level as this would affect the mower’s performance.

2. Air Filter

How’s your mower’s air filter doing? Make sure to inspect and maintain this part regularly.

Doing this simultaneously with oil changes is a good idea.

Do this more frequently if you mow in a dry area, which can cause a lot of dirt to accumulate in the mower by the end of the season.

Have the mower cleaned before storing it in the shed or garage.

3. Blade

Regularly sharpen your mower’s blades. Unsharpened blades could cause the mower to work slower, harm the grass, and add needless pressure on the engine.

Additionally, dull blades can cause the grass to turn brown instead of fresh and green.

4. Belts

Each time you ride your mower, ensure the drive belts are well taken care of.

This is one of the crucial components for marinating a mower’s running engine, extending the tool’s life.

5. Batteries

If you own one of those electric lawnmowers, check its battery frequently.

A strong battery helps the lawn mower start more quickly and extends the life of the starter motor.

Proper battery maintenance calls for using a battery maintainer during winter.

6. Yard

Make sure the yard is free of sharp objects like sticks, rocks, or wreckage before you mow.

Clean off the dried grass that has accumulated on the deck’s underbelly and use a splash of oil to prevent it from accumulating again.

So, How Many Hours Does a Lawn Mower Engine Last?

How many hours does a lawn mower engine last?

A quality mower by a good brand should serve you well for a long time if it’s well taken care of.

The average life expectancy is 500 to 750 hours for small- to mid-sized mowers and up to 1000 hours for large mowers.

Of course, you can do your part in improving those numbers by looking after your machine’s other parts connected to the engine in one way or another.

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