Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Choosing the best riding lawn mower for 2 acres can greatly affect your lawn maintenance. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner, these powerful devices help you keep your lawn pristine over the season. With that said, you’ll need to find the perfect one for your specific property size.

Below, you’ll find five different riding mowers to consider for midsize to large properties. Each model has unique features, including:

  • Strong engine components and adequate engine power
  • Smooth speed adjustments
  • Padded seats
  • Zero-turn features
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Better fuel capacity

Let’s take a look at all of the rugged features they offer.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres: A Review

1. Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Mower

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The Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Mower boasts a Briggs & Stratton engine, offering impressive performance over time. It also has a professional design, ideal for larger property sizes.


Let’s review the best highlights of the Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Mower.

  • Powerful Engine

You’ll receive an 18.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine in this model. It offers a heightened performance over the most demanding jobs over an extended period.

  • Hydrostatic Transmission

One of the more unique features of this gas-powered mower is its foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. Using this component, you can change your direction and speed settings with just your feet. It’s fantastic for beginners, as it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel for the most control.

  • Turning Radius

When perfecting the lines in your lawn, you’ll need a mower that allows tight turns. This highly maneuverable model accommodates 16-inch turns. You’ll find navigating through tight spaces has never been easier.

  • Adjustable Seat

When customizing the feeling of your mower, you’ll need to look at the seat. The Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Mower features a 13-inch mid-back seat that you can tailor. The steering wheel is ergonomic, allowing you to easily and comfortably mow your property.

  • Reinforced Cutting Deck

The overall performance of this powerful mower when working with different types of grass is impressive. It has a 42-inch reinforced cutting deck paired with air induction mowing. Also, the anti-scalp wheels help you navigate across freshly cut grass without causing damage.

  • Reverse Operation

There’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of flexibility using your new riding lawn mower. With its reverse operating system, you can mow in reverse. You have to flip a switch to engage the setting and access different reverse speed options.


  • Incredibly maneuverable in tight spots
  • Doesn’t stall when cutting wet grass
  • Easily manageable with variable speed control
  • Impressive cutting deck size


  • Achieves lower miles per hour than expected
  • Questionable longevity with daily use

2. Husqvarna Z254F Z-Turn Mower

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The Husqvarna Z254F Z-Turn Mower is another great option to help maintain your property’s quality. Thanks to its easy maneuverability and low-profile design, this model is great for beginners. Also, its twin-engine offers impressive performance.


Let’s look at some of the best features of the Husqvarna Z254F Z-Turn Mower.

  • ClearCut Fabricated Cutting Deck

The cutting deck on this riding mower is one of its best features, as it’s designed with premium materials. It boasts ten-gauge steel paired with welded reinforcement strips, offering impressive durability over time.

  • Deluxe Comfort Seat

When using a riding mower for extended periods, your comfort and ergonomics are essential. This model boasts a deluxe comfy seat with a high back and soft outer cover. You’ll find it’s pretty supportive and offers plenty of relaxation over hours of lawn mowing.

Along with the comfortable seat, the foot area is also uniquely designed. It has plenty of non-slip surfaces, making it much easier to operate the mower in all weather conditions.

  • Maintenance-Free Transmission

The less you have to spend on maintenance, the better. With the Husqvarna Z254F Z-Turn Mower, you’ll have a maintenance-free transmission. Also, it features a common transmission in zero-turn mowers for reliability.

  • Advanced Features

A couple of modern features are built into this mower that set it apart. First, the automatic park brake system will activate and deactivate based on your steering. If the steering levers are moved inward or outward, it automatically helps to park the mower.

Also, there are integrated LED headlights, helping you have better visibility when cutting your lawn in low light. You’ll be able to see up to 50% more thanks to the incandescent lighting system.

  • Ergonomic Control Panel

When making quick adjustments to your mower, you’ll want easy access to controls. This mower has an ergonomic control panel placed within a finger’s reach to make quick changes.

  • Powerful Engine

In this unit, you’ll have a 7000 Series Kohler engine. It features air cooling and provides up to 19.38kW of power output.

  • Cast Iron Spindles

Another great feature that adds durability to this mower is its collection of cast iron spindle housings. They also have sealed ball bearings, keeping the parts moving effortlessly to prevent deterioration.

  • Easy Deck Lifting

You’ll want a mower that allows easy customization when making cutting height adjustments. Fortunately, this model’s convenient deck lift features spring assistance for ease of use. You’ll also find the lift system is within the operator’s reach, adding to its ergonomic benefits.


  • Solidly built and powerful engine
  • Allows for specific blade adjustments
  • Easily adjustable ergonomic seat
  • Accessible speed settings for mowing speeds


  • Low-quality packaging
  • Scratches easily

3. Ariens IKON XD-52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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The Ariens IKON XD-52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower is an excellent option if you need to add versatility to your lawn tool collection. Its flexible design paired with large tires and a high-back seat is ideal for comfort, stability, and ease of use.


Let’s review all the highlights of the Ariens IKON XD-52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower.

  • Professional Deck Design

The cutting deck on this riding mower is one of its best features, thanks to its commercial styling. With 4.5 inches of depth, your mower will have adequate airflow while navigating rough terrain. While cutting, you’ll find it offers consistency and professional capabilities.

  • Comfort Seat

Another impressive feature of this mower is its comfortable, high-back design. You’ll experience far less fatigue, especially with the integrated armrests.

  • Steel Frame

When it comes to durability, this lawn mower is one of the better options. The entire frame is crafted from tubular steel, offering high strength and stability. You’ll find it’s a substantial upgrade from C-channel frames.

  • Adjustable Cutting Height Positions

As you would expect, the Ariens IKON XD-52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower features an adjustable height setting. What makes it unique is that it’s entirely dial-operated and located on the control panel. You’ll have 13 cutting positions adjustable at 1.5, 4.5, and .25-inch increments.

  • Engine Specifications

When choosing a riding mower, the engine is one of the main things to note. With this model, you’ll receive a Kohler 7000 725cc 24 hp engine. It’s also a V-Twin OHV model with a hydrostatic EZT transmission.

  • Large Tires

Navigating a riding mower through tough terrain can be challenging and time-consuming. Thanks to its large, oversized all-terrain tires, you’ll find it’s much simpler to navigate with this mower.


  • Quick assembly
  • Compact size with a wide deck
  • Multiple height options with good maximum cutting height
  • Easily accessible controls to maneuver in tight spots


  • Not ideal for very steep hills
  • No integrated headlights on the mower deck

4. Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor

The Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor is a great option if you need a heavy-duty garden tractor for two-acre properties. It has plenty of capabilities that make it a top solution for property owners and landscapers.


Let’s look at the commercial-grade features of the Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor.

  • Steel Components

There’s no lack of steel used in constructing this riding lawn mower. It features a heavy-duty steel frame paired with a steel hood for rough jobs. Even the spindle housings are crafted from cast iron for improved durability when cutting patches of grass.

  • Enhanced Steering Wheel

When maneuvering your garden tractor, it feels far more comfortable than with other models. The oversized wheels also feature extra-thick support for added comfort and ergonomics.

  • Cruise Control Feature

One of the more modern features of the Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor is its cruise control. You have to engage a single handle to turn the cruise control on or off. You’ll easily maintain a consistent forward and reverse speed, even in the roughest conditions.

  • LED Headlights

This model features LED headlights, as you would expect in any high-quality tractor. Users will have up to 50% better visibility in low light for quick mowing and extra safety.

  • Kawasaki Engine

The integrated Kawasaki engine is remarkably powerful, offering a two-cylinder design paired with an oil filter and pump. Also, it arrives fully pressure-lubricated, helping to reduce operating noise.

  • Anti-Scalp Wheels

After spending hours perfecting your property, the last thing you want is your tractor to ruin your hard work. With this lawn mower, you’ll have anti-scalp wheels that reduce the risk of scalping. You’ll find it’s a remarkable feature when dealing with uneven terrain.

  • Technological Features

Two high-tech features built into the Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor are its deluxe gauges and electronic locking differential. The rear wheels will be locked with the electronic locking when you need extra traction. Additionally, the advanced gauges help you keep track of system status and hours of use.

  • Integrated Brush Guard

Protecting your lawn mower from damage over time is essential to protect your investment. This model has an integrated brush guard to prevent nicks and scratches. You’ll notice the quality of your hood will remain like-new for considerably longer.

  • Easy-Access Fuel Cap

When it comes time to refill your mower, you won’t want to have to search for the gas and oil tanks. With the intuitive design of the 354XD, the fuel cap is precisely placed in an easily accessible spot. You won’t even need to open the engine hood to refill any fluids.

  • High Backrest

Your comfort is essential when using your mower for extended periods. With this mower, you’ll not only have dual armrests but plenty of seat padding. Additionally, the backrest is quite high, accommodating larger operators that need extra support.

  • ClearCut Fabricated Cutting Deck

The Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor has many high-quality features, such as a modern cutting mower deck with quality cutting blades. The ClearCut Fabricated Cutting Deck features patented features, like a ten-gauge steel construction. You’ll also find the parts have been welded for extra reinforcement to add to their durability.

  • Enhanced Front Axle

If you’ve used a riding mower before and found it had poor stability, this model is a massive upgrade for a wide range of jobs. The front axle is crafted from cast iron, improving its overall balance and stability. Also, it helps to improve the pivoting, making the lawn mower easier to use on rough terrain.


  • Great fuel tank capacity
  • Starts very quickly, like electric mowers
  • It has a tight turning radius
  • Great for larger acres in size


  • Lacks instructions for seat installation
  • The seat lacks shock absorption

5. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

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The Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower helps improve your comfort, performance, and productivity. You’ll find a user-friendly interface paired with commercial-grade steel framing and an improved hydraulic system.


Let’s jump into the best features of the Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

  • Ergonomic Controls

When tailoring the settings of your lawn mower, you want to ensure they’re within arm’s reach. The ergonomic control panel is perfectly placed to reach all adjustments in seconds.

  • Smooth Ride Quality

One issue many users have with lower-quality tractors is their comfort while riding. Fortunately, this model features a tube chassis and larger front and rear wheels for comfort. You’ll find the steel construction helps to improve ride quality.

Another great feature that improves the ride quality of this unit is its EVC technology. When in use, you’ll find the ample cushioning of the seat and vibration transfer makes it more comfortable.

  • Easily Adjustable Deck

The Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower is outstanding when adjusting your narrower deck. The ergonomic design of the deck lifting allows you to create a quick adjustment for any situation. Also, the cutting deck adjustments are accessible from the operator’s seat.

  • Zero-Turn Transmissions

You’ll never have to worry about lengthy and costly maintenance with this mower. Also, the unit has a longer lifespan thanks to its zero-turn transmission. You’ll find expansion tanks, charge pumps, and large drive axles are all built into the unit.

  • Endurance Engine

The quality of your riding mower’s engine is essential to consider, and this model is outstanding. The engine is built for endurance by Briggs & Stratton with many great features. You’ll have super-finished bearing surfaces, advanced air induction technology, chrome-plated valves, and oversized fans for cooling.

  • Improved Collection System

This collection system is ideal if you want to collect your clippings instead of mulching or discharging them. The Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower features a nine-bushel triple bag system. You’ll find it helps collect far more debris, helping to keep you moving and reducing cleanup time.

  • Maneuverability

Another important feature to consider with your riding lawn mower is how easily it maneuvers. This mower features six-inch front casters designed with increased width for hilly terrain. Also, all of the tires are pneumatic, helping to prevent punctures and loss of air over time.

You’ll find these gas lawn mowers are great for beginners, especially if you want advanced lawn mowers. Their maneuverability is straightforward, helping you focus on the smallest blades of grass. Also, the adequate engine power makes the unit simpler to control.

  • Easily Serviced

Eventually, you will consider taking your gas mowers in for servicing. The Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers are designed to simplify the job. The electric, hydraulic drive, and oil systems are all easily accessible.


  • Conveniently sensitive controls
  • Durable construction with less mowing time
  • The engine runs smoothly for gas mowers
  • It doesn’t cause any scalping


  • It’s missing quiet operation for neighborhoods
  • Disengaging safety features is time-consuming

Our Top Recommendation

The best riding lawn mower for 2 acres is undoubtedly the Husqvarna TS 354XD Garden Tractor. It’s the ideal mower with a heavy-duty design, perfect for commercial operators and homeowners alike. With a blend of professional and intuitive controls, it’s easy to maneuver and runs smoothly for maintaining your yard.

You’ll also find it performs far better than an average push lawn mower or battery-powered mower. It boasts a high maximum speed paired with a seat with armrests for comfort. Also, it manages several acres of lawns before needing more gallons of gas.

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