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Best corded electric lawn mower have been about for generations, and now they’re rising to make a much-deserved comeback. They’re quiet, affordable to maintain, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

You don’t have to be uptight about storing flammable gasoline in the garage anymore; neither do you have to be smell fuel or smoke when you mow, which was the most significant relief for me. No more worrying about regular refueling as well!

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

1- Greenworks 25022 Electric Corded Lawn Mower 

This Greenworks corded lawnmower is equipped with great features and a performance to match. It is perfect for small lawns and does an excellent job of mowing your yard to a beautiful and clean look. You will also love the smooth movement and comfort of use while driving this machine.

Our Verdict

This lawnmower combines a balance between versatility and simplicity, coming in handy in a diversity of different places and situations without feeling too complicated.

Things We Like

Right Amount Of Engine Power.

Easy To Store Due To Compactness.

One Lever To Adjust Height Of All Wheels.

Durable Wheels, Larger Ones At The Back.

7 Easy To Adjust Height Adjustments. 

Things We Don’t Like 

No Cord Included.

Plastic Parts Could Break Down Easily.

May Take More Than One Pass For Extra-Tall Grass.

Best Features

12 Amp Powerful Quiet Motor.

20″ Steel Deck Extremely Durable.

Compact 3-In-1 Storage Options.

Wide 10″ Rear Wheels.

4 Year Tool Warranty.

2- Tacklife Electric Lawn Mower14-Inch/10-Amp 

Tacklife lawn mower

Tacklife’s corded lawnmower is ideal for small to medium-sized lawns between 300 m² and 500 m². The lightweight structure and compact design make it comfortable to maneuver and store. Homeowners will love this machine that it has gone straight to the top of the recommended list for mowers of its size.

Our Verdict

The sturdy design of this corded electric lawn mower isn’t lying – it’s amazingly robust and versatile, great for small spaces and less-than-ideal weather.

Things We Like

Lightweight And Compact.

One Single Lever.

Storage Space Saving.

Entirely And Comfortable To Use.

Wide Rear Wheels.

Easy To Install.

Things We Don’t Like 

Suitable Only For Small-Sized Lawns.

Minor Issues With Changing From Mulching To Grass Collection.

Best Features

Robust 10 Amp Corded Motor.

14-In Cutting Deck.

Six Easy Adjustable Heights.

5 gal Plastic Collector.

2-In-1 Design, Mowing, And Bagging.

3- Black + Decker Mower MM2000 Corded, 13-Amp

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Created for yards around one-third of an acre in size, the Black & Decker MM2000 corded lawn mower is an excellent alternative to gas-powered guzzlers that produce nasty fumes. It’s got distinct, steady energy, and starts right up with the push of a button.

Our Verdict  

The MM2000 is compact, robust, and able to reach a lot of ground in one mowing round, making it perfect for tiny, tricky gardens in urban and suburban zones.

Things We Like

Easy Push-Button Starting.

Lightweight And Fairly Quiet.

Compact, Easy To Store.

Cuts Close To Edges.

Convenient Carrying Handle.

Things We Don’t Like 

Grass Can Clump In Bag Container.

Needs Extension Cords.

Possibly Durability Issues Over Time.

Best Features

13 Amp Motor Provides Plenty Of Power.

20-In Cutting Path With EdgeMax™ Deck System.

7 Height Adjustment Settings (1.5-4).

3-In-1 Mower (mulch, bag, side discharge).

4- WORX WG719 Electric Lawn Mower 13 Amp 20″


This WG719 mower is constructed with maneuverability, using a select wheel design and layout to make distinctive turns and challenging slopes much more straightforward to deal with. For small to medium yard owners, this is one of the best battery-operated mowers in the market. It allows you to have a beautiful garden in a smooth, effortless, environmentally friendly way.

Our Verdict

Corners are usually a gardener’s worst nightmare, and this tiny mower can handle them with ease without decreasing other parts of its functionality.

Things We Like

Ultra-Tough Deck.

Fully Collapsible Handle For Compact, Stand-Up Storage.

Foam Padded Handle Provides Increased Comfort.

Wheel Locks Make It Easier To Follow The Contours Of Your Lawn.

Seven Height Adjustment Settings.

Things We Don’t Like 

Requires Extension Cord.

Inconsistent Wheel Alignment.

Bag Design Allows Clippings To Sometimes Shoot Through Gaps.

Best Features

Powerful 13-Amp Electric Motor.

19-Inch, 3-In-1 Steel Cutting Deck.

Caster Front Wheels Provides Exceptional Control And Maneuverability.

Dual-edge NutriCut Blade.

5- Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Mower


If you are looking for a convincing yet easy-to-use lawnmower, we have got you covered with this exciting model. The Sun Joe MJ401E manufactures great budget-friendly and aims to shape small yards. This, combined with the all-terrain wheels, makes the mower useful in many different conditions, despite whether your garden is bone-dry or soaking wet and muddy.

Our Verdict

Smaller than a full-size alternative, this charmingly designed mower from Sun Joe is equipped with features you barely ever see in this form and product price. It is excellent for smaller spaces and can take on rough ground surprisingly well despite its relatively small size.

Things We Like

Effortless To Push And Maneuver.

Stores Easily And Takes Up Minimum Space.

Takes Less Storage Space Due To Its Compact Design.

Durable Mowing Blade.

Secure Push-Button Instant Start Switch.

Things We Don’t Like 

Bag Slightly Hard To Attach.

No Mulching Option.

Best Features : 

Powerful 12 Amp Electric Motor.

14-Inch, 2-In-1 Mower Deck.

Hard Top Rear Bag 10.6 Gallon Capacity.

Detachable Grass Catcher Offers Secure Disposal Of Grass Clippings.

6- Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp Mower, Corded


If your lawn is too small and the models on the market today are too big, you should take a look at the Earthwise 50214. It’s one of the smallest powered mowers on the market, and at first glance, it looks well designed. It also possesses other features that are easy to overlook. Though it may seem a bit like a toy, the 50214 is lightweight, easy to manage, and gets the job done.

Our Verdict

You can say it’s one of the most logical and best corded electric lawnmowers where every metrics or character makes sense. It’s a small one, so they did not overkill with power, and that’s how they managed to keep the price tag so affordable.

Things We Like

Handle Mounted Blade Control.

Ultra-Lightweight, Smooth To Operate.

Adjustable Comfort “V” Handle With Cushion Grip.

Mulch Or Side Discharge Grass Clippings.

Things We Don’t Like 

Requires Extension Cord.

Louder Than Similar Models.

Χ No Rear Bagger Included.

Best Features

Efficient 8-Amp Electric Motor.

Simple, Push-Button Electric Start.

14-Inch Durable Poly Construction Cutting Deck.

Single Lever 7-Position Height Control.

7- American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded


If you have a relatively small or medium lawn and want a fast and affordable lawnmower, the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 is a common and highly ranked choice. Despite being well priced, it is a robust and practical model that stands out in this category.

Our Verdict

This corded mower from the American Lawn Mower Company is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. It’s compact and lite, making it easy to use, to store, and amusing to mow with.

Things We Like

User-Friendly Operation.

Single Lever Height Adjustment.

Easy To Assemble.

Lightweight And Easy To Move.

Relatively Quiet.

Things We Don’t Like :

Not Suitable For Large Yards.

Side Discharge Not Included.

14 Inch Cut Width May Get A Bit Of Time In Some Spaces.

Best Features

Powerful 11-Amp Motor.

5-Position Easy-Change Height Adjustment (1″-2.5″).

Large 14″ Cutting Width.

2-In-1 Rear Discharge/Bag And Mulching.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower :

When it comes to buying a best lawn mower for yard, you’ll find that each one has specific features. With that being said, be sure to look into these factors below.

1- Deck Size And Cutting Swath

The deck size is ultimately the width of your mower’s cutting swath. Wider decks have the advantage of mowing your lawn in fewer rounds and faster time. However, more extensive layers also equate to a heavier and larger machine, which can be more challenging to move around and to store. So if your grass is thin, then we don’t recommend buying a full deck mower.

2- Discharge Settings

It is easy to mow the grass, yet what are you going to do with the debris? Discharge settings are yet another essential point to consider before picking a mower. Decide to oust grass clippings from the side discharge, mulch the cuttings again into the yard as compost, or gather it always in a rear bag to discard it later. Various cutters offer single, either two or every one of the three alternatives, with the last one being generally costly than the rest.

3- Cord Length

Corded electric mowers need an extension cord to use them. You’ll be able to mow in a radius the length of your extension cord from your outlet. However, don’t try to extend your mowing capacity by getting a longer cable! Choose a rope between 50 and 100 feet long with a 12-14 gauge thickness used for small to medium yards. Your corded lawn mower’s product manual may also include suggestions for the most suitable cord to ensure that you’re using your mower safely.

4- Amount Of Power (Amps)

Everything will go futile if your lawnmower doesn’t come with the necessary power. Remember that your corded trimmer ought to have enough energy to deal with the taller and thicker grass.

The engine size decides how quickly the sharp lawnmower edge will turn, how solid it tends to be against unpleasant grass.

However, depending on your grass type and yard size, we suggest a 12 Amp motor in most cases while you can deal with a little garden with short grass with an 8-10 Amp motor.

5- Noise And Safety

Safety elements should come first when dealing with an electric corded lawnmower.

Auto shutoff, less noise, and other safety mechanisms ensure that you’re in no harm as you mow the lawn. Yet, make sure that you look for close to noiseless mowers you can use without disturbing anyone or affecting your ear health though electric lawn mowers don’t produce as much noise as gas-operated ones.

That way, you’ll have a more comfortable and less worrisome time mowing.

Corded Vs. Cordless Lawn Mower :

Here we will get a clear idea of the operational differences between corded and cordless lawn mowers, so if you’re an experienced user, feel free to skip this section. The right electric mower for your lawn depends on the compromises you’re willing to make relying on these following points.

1- Distance Limits

Usually, a corded mower is likely not the best for lawn spaces above 8,000 square feet. On average, its distance limit is up to 100 feet from an electric outlet which is pretty short unless you have a smaller sized lawn. If you try running corded mowers on long cords longer than 100 feet, there will be a voltage drop from electrical resistance within the cable that will reduce the motor’s power. However, cordless mowers have no distance limits. 

2- Run Time

Corded mowers are powered through electrical outlets from an extension cord, meaning the actual run time is particularly unlimited. On the other hand, the cordless mower has a limit since it’s connected to battery capacity. Typically, it runs between 60 to 90 minutes then will require constant charging overnight. And then cordless mowers are more suitable for smaller yards that can be mowed in less than an hour.

3- Ease Of Maintenance

The significant difference between corded and cordless lawn mower is its maintenance conditions. Unfortunately, cordless lawn mowers are a bit more challenging to care for because of their battery.

You’ll need to recharge it every mowing season and fully replace the battery every five to seven years. Both types of electric mower will need to have their blades sharpened or replaced, which is the only similarity between these two.

4- Price

It’s evident that corded lawn mowers are less expensive than cordless versions because the corded model doesn’t require pricey batteries or change it periodically. However, you take what you pay for, which means that you won’t be able to mow freely.

Much of the time Asked Questions About Lawn Mowers

Are Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Good?

Electrical corded mowers are very advantageous as they allow you to eliminate the cost of buying gasoline, oil, spark plugs, filters, and tune-ups. Plus, they are safe, eco-friendly, and lightweight.

How Does A Corded Electric Lawn Mower Work?

Certainly, corded mowers have cords, which means their run time is unlimited. As long as the power runs through to the outlet, we’re able to cut grass with corded mowers. All you have to do is to connect the plug with the extension cord of the electric mower, press the key, and your machine will start working.

Is Electric Model Better Or Gas Version?

An electric mower is undoubtedly the best for you if you don’t want to deal with emission, regular fuelling cost, and other subsistence routines. But in the case that you have large yards with rough terrains to handle, gas-powered lawnmowers have been confirmed to be the best for the job.

How To Fix An Electric Lawn Mower That Won’t Start?

First of all, you have to identify the main problem as an essential step. Check the power connection, and then you can either reset or replace the faulty fuses. Separation of all the attached parts of the mower is required, for example, the bag to make sure it’s not clogged up with grass. Check the motor system and finally connect the mower with the electricity supply.

Wrap Up

Now, the only step left is to pick the best corded electric lawn mower that you think suits your needs the most. If we could recommend a single mower, the Greenworks 25022 is our favorite since it proves useful and convenient for you in the long run.

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