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Whether you have a lots of lawn or just a little bit of grass, you’ll always need a competent mower that gets the job done no matter what. Hence, you need to know the best commercial walk behind mower in the market today.

We know how confusing it is to figure out which is the best commercial walk behind mower for you with all these various types available on the market. That’s why we’ve taken the time to review the best options out there so that you can purchase the right mower, which satisfies the job!

Hopefully, after reading our review of the seven best commercial lawn mowers on the market today, you’ll be able to pick the cutter that is ideally suited for your needs!

7 Best Commercial Walk-Behind Mower Reviews

1. Toro 21200 TimeMaster 30″ 


Usually, the fact that a mower is full-size (30-inch deck) works against its ability to be stored. But Toro TimeMaster self-propelled mower offers a more extensive mowing alternative permitting incredibly rapid and compact storage.

Its powerful engine supports the entire deck, and ergonomic controls make it easy and profitable to use. Reviewers love the most about this mower, its Personal Pace system, which automatically senses and adjusts the mower to your walking speed.

Our Verdict

This Toro TimeMaster mower is made of high-quality materials and works better for medium-sized yards. Even it comes with modern technology so you can resize your grass how you prefer and with the sharpness that you need.

Things We Like

Convenient Electric Start.

Wider Deck Size.

Personal Pace Handle.

Variable Height And Speed Adjustments.

Quick-Stow Storage Handle.

Things We Don’t Like 

The Handle Can’t Be Collapsed More Than 90°.

Heavy Mower.


Best Features

– Self Propelled.

– Briggs and Stratton 223cc OHV.

– 30-Inch, 2 Blade Mowing Deck.

– Fuel Capacity 0.3 Gallons.

– Rear Wheel Drive.

2. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower 


This is the charm of a mower, with durable deck design and smooth, smart cut technology. It helps the mower adjust the power depending on the thickness and length of your grass. If you’re looking for a cordless electric lawnmower, this Greenworks PRO 21-inch is an excellent purchase for you.

Our Verdict

None can deny the increased performance of Greenworks mowers, especially this one. It’s by far the best cordless electric mower for you if you have low-sized grass and are looking for the fairest mower to do the job for you!

Things We Like

No Emissions And Quiet.

Smart Cut Load-Sensing Technology.

Professional Grade Axles.

High-Quality Steel Deck.

Long-Running Time.

Things We Don’t Like 

Slightly Heavier Than Some Electric Mowers Due to Steel Deck.

Cut Quality Declines On Tall Grass.

Clippings Can Scatter From Bag.

Best Features

– Durable Deck Design.

– 21 In Steel Cutting Deck Cuts A Wide Path.

– Rapid Charge Time Of 30 Minutes For 80-Volt 2AH Battery.

– Starts Immediately With a Push Of A Button.

3. POWERWORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mower 

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If you don’t like putting an effort in a push mower, but at the same time not ready for the imaginary prices of self-propelled mowers, you won’t find many mowers that can compete with this one. You won’t only like its high-quality performance but also that its a too peaceful and doesn’t have offensive fumes exhaust like a fuel controlled mower.

Our Verdict

Typically, the majority of self-propelled mowers maintain a substantial weight. But POWERWORKS SP Mower put an end to this problem so that you get the best result with less exhaust and overwhelming fumes.

Things We Like

Lightweight And Quiet.

Easy To Operate.

Various Position Height Adjustment.

High-Quality Cutting Deck.

Peaceful And No Offensive Fumes Exhaust.

Things We Don’t Like :

A Short Charge Life.

Only 45 Minutes Battery Run Time.

Best Features : 

– High-Efficiency 60V Brushless Motor.

– Self-Propelled.

– 3-In-1: Mulch, Bag, or Side Discharge.

– Folds And Stores Vertically.

– Push Botton Start.

4. Cub Cadet 21 In. Gas Walk Behind Mower 


Cub Cadet guarantees this walk behind mower to be designed with zero-turn capacity, due to the caster wheels can be opened to control the mower on its pivot, and we can’t affirm it much; it indeed does that. Plus, this lawnmower will last you a long time as a lot of customer reviews.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a long-lasting mower with ease of use, you can’t go wrong with the Cub Cadet walk-behind mower. Besides its unique zero-turn steering ability feature, this one retains a vital function.

Things We Like

Zero-Turn steering ability.

Variable Speed And Height Adjustments.


SmartJet High-Pressure Deck

Things We Don’t Like 

Poor Mulching Bagger.

Only 4 Speed Variable Control.

Best Features

– 159cc Cub Cadet Performance-Tuned OHV Engine.

– 21 In Steel Cutting Deck Resists Rust.

– SmartJet High-Pressure Deck Washing System Included.

– Adjustable 3-Position Ergonomic Handles.

5. Troy-Bilt TB490 XP 21-Inch Self-propelled Mower 

Given its stellar modes of running options, the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP self-propelled lawnmower sounds like a dependable 4×4 vehicle that you can take out in worst weather conditions. It may be kind of hefty, but who cares about the weight when the thing is self-propelled? Its fluid drive makes engaging and adjusting speed as smooth as the shifting in your car.

Our Verdict

The mower’s TriAction cutting system is going to give you a pristine cut every time. It offers superb handling and grip on the messiest of lawns. This feature may help you get the most precise texture for your yard!

Things We Like


Automatic Choke System.

All Wheel Drive (4×4).

Dominant Engine.

Things We Don’t Like 

Hard To Clean.

Not Always Ideal For Narrow Spaces.

Maintenance Required.

Best Features : 

– 190cc Honda Engine Produces Excellent Cutting Power.

– 6 Height Adjustments (1.125-3.75).

– 3 Discharge Options.

– 21-Inch TriAction Cutting System.

6. PowerSmart DB2322S Lawn Mower


The minimized PowerSmart gas-fueled powered push lawn mower is perfect for smaller-sized yards in the scope of 1⁄4-to 1⁄2-section of land. Also, at 68 pounds, it’s not too overwhelming to push ahead, consider it the ideal sort of activity.

Our Verdict

In case you’re searching for a gas-fueled mower, so you don’t need to manage an irritating line, this PowerSmart mower won’t disappoint you. You may not like that it’s not self-propelled, but its performance is definitely worth the effort.

Things We Like

Convenient Push Mower.

High-Quality Steel Cutting Deck.

Wider Deck Size.

5 Height Adjustments.

Things We Don’t Like 

Minor Past Issues With The Chute.

No Possibility Of Speed Adjustment.

Some Leaking Problems.

Best Features

– Superior 161 cc Engine.

– 5-Positions Height Adjustments.

– 21 In Steel Cutting Deck.

– 3In1 Bag, Side Discharge, And Mulching.

– Gas Powered.

7. Snapper P2185020E Self Propelled Mower 


Here we come to a robust and easy-handling mower due to its good industrial design, capable 190cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine, and for sure the electrical starting system. The mower bags and mulches surprisingly well, handle high-height and indeed common grass. The ignition on this is super simple, with just a push of a button.

Our Verdict

This self-propelled Snapper mower persuades us that a fuel-controlled machine intended for a fair working and productivity can, in specific examples, merit its significant expense and considerably more!

Things We Like

Cutting Power To Spare.

Drive System Handles Hills With Ease.

Big Rear Wheels For Rough Terrain.

Fast, Easy Height Adjustment.

Superb Speed Control.

Things We Don’t Like 


Tipping On Side For Maintenance Risks Flooding Engine Cylinder With Fuel.

Best Features

– Fuel Controlled Mower.

– Self Propelled.

– Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series 190cc OHV Engine.

– Electrical Starting System ( No Priming Nor Choke).

Things To Know Before You Buy

Types of Commercial Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

1- Push Mowers

With this kind of lawn mowers, you have to do all the work physically like controlling directions, as the motor only rotates the mowing blade. It’s somehow more accessible to manage to compare it to self-propelled mowers because of its lower weight, but keep in mind that you still must exert more force to move due to the lack of a propelling motor.

A push mower goes only depending on your energy provided, so if you don’t like to waste way too much time mowing your lawn, a self-propelled mower will do the job for you, but it tends to cost twice as much as a push mower.

2- Self Propelled

A self-propelled mower mechanically pushes the mower forward with a gearbox connected to either the front or rear wheels, which saves an ample amount of human effort and time. You only control it where it needs to go with a speed that can reach 3 miles per hour.

When it comes to weight, it’s evident that self-propelled mowers weigh more due to the propulsion gearbox and the massive engines that are doing much more than just pushing.

Different Types of Propelled Mowers

If you finally agree on that, a self-propelled is what you need; you must consider one last detail: is your lawn flat or hilly? The difference will assume whether you choose Rear Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive.

Rear-Drive self-propelled is designed for hills that pull the rear wheels instead of the front wheels. But for the Front-Drive self-propelled version, it pulls the front wheels and works best on the flat yard.

Commercial vs. Residential Walk-Behind Mowers

Here we will discover many differences between these two types of mowers that some people may don’t know yet. Big companies usually use commercial mowers for their lawn maintenance offered services, while residential lawn mowers, just as the name states, are used by homeowners.

These are generally used once a week during the growing season due to their limited capacities and small structure.

1- Price

This is the most apparent difference between the two kinds. You won’t believe it if I tell you that commercial mowers cost as much as a compact car! That’s because of the various extensive features and sophisticated engineering which commercial mowers possess than the residential ones.

In most cases, home-use lawn mowers are available in the range of 200 to 600 $, while commercial lawn mowers can cost up to 1000$.

2- Endurance

Keep in mind that commercial mowers have to be used more than four times a week for many continuous hours and on much larger lawns. For this reason, their engines are much more reliable and feature higher horsepower.

That does not mean that residential lawn mowers are bound to break down faster than the commercial ones. However, they’re created with less endurance since they are mostly utilized once or twice a week.

3- Features

Commercial mower constructs spend countless hours of engineering and millions upon millions of dollars designing the perfect mower decks that come with an immense cutting aspect.

Therefore they happen with high-quality engines, horsepower, and overall construction. Plus, there exist further features like complex mulching systems, handling options, safety features, and speed controls.

All these features make them great for use in considerably large spaces and rough terrains. On the other hand, residential mowers attain more straightforward structures, construction, and low engine horsepower.

Much of the time Asked Questions About Lawn Mowers

Do commercial mowers cut better?

As I mentioned in the previous passage, the differences between commercial and residential mowers, we can conclude that commercial ones are by far The Best in matters of quality, endurance, and features. They are ideal for getting the perfect sharpened texture of grass, in record time because of their reliable, high-quality engines and more robust horsepower.

What is Walk Behind Lawn Mower?

Unlike riding lawn mowers, Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers are the mowers that need to be controlled by a driver from behind. They can come in a variation of sizes and styles, including reel, electric, and gas-powered.

What Makes These The Best Walk Behind Commercial Mowers?

You may ask yourself what makes these mowers specifically better than the other ones that your online or local stores contain. Well, the fact is there are too many characteristics to take into account. It includes power, durability, features, price, and ease of use.

For example, many people have complained that their mowers do not hold up for the years that they expected them to. That’s why we’ve taken into account durability and look at many other reviews to come up with the most durable and increased functions.


Now, the only step left is to pick the best commercial walk behind mower that suits your needs the most. All these mowers have great futures and an extended warranty, which shows they are hugely reliable. If you are struggling to know which one you want, I’ll make it easier for you and recommend my top pick, which is Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower.

We wish that you make the right choice and keep in mind that whichever the model you choose, prove useful and convenient for you in the long run.

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