10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard in 2021

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    We know how it’s confusing to figure out which is the best lawn mower for small yard full of cramped corners and hard-to-move furniture. However, many of the problems will derive from the mower itself – there are so many various models and brands that it’s simple to end up with something that’s badly-suited to your lawn.

    Below are ten best mowers that might solve your lawn problems once and for all.

    Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

    1- Worx WR153 Landroid


    Our first best lawn mower for small yard is the Landroid. This pre-programmed, fully robotic Worx WR153 mower is designed to cut your grass all by itself, steering around barriers and walls while ensuring that it avoids as little green as possible.

    The cutting equipment on its bottom can deal with loads of grass at once, meaning that it can slice through tall bunches like butter.

    Our Verdict

    Its stable and robust design lets it surmount slight slopes and turns with ease, using its shock sensor system to figure out where it can and can’t go.

    Things We Like

    Innovative fully automated robotic lawnmower.

    Includes Find My Landroid GPS.

    Anti-collision and digital fencing.

    Quiet and eco-friendly.

    Extremely compact.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    More limited than upgraded models that use GPS mapping.

    No professional installation available for users that would prefer it.

    Cut quality declines on tall grass.

    Best Features

    – High-performance 20-volt battery.

    – Cut to edge for closer to borders mowing.

    – Easy to install and set up.

    – Designed to mow up to 1/2 acre.

    – Find My Landroid GPS included.

    2- Greenworks 25022

    This Greenworks corded lawnmower is equipped with great features and a performance to match. It is perfect for small lawns and does an excellent job of mowing your yard to a beautiful and clean look. You will also love the smooth movement and comfort of use while driving this machine.

    Our Verdict

    This lawnmower combines a balance between versatility and simplicity, coming in handy in a diversity of different places and situations without feeling too complicated.

    Things We Like

    Right amount of engine power.

    Easy to store due to compactness.

    One lever to adjust height of all wheels.

    Durable wheels, larger ones at the back.

    7 easy to adjust height adjustments.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    No cord included.

    Plastic parts could break down easily.

    May take more than one pass for extra-tall grass.

    Best Features

    – 12 amp powerful quiet motor.

    – 20″ steel deck extremely durable.

    – Compact 3-In-1 storage options.

    – Wide 10″ rear wheels.

    – 4 Year tool warranty.

    This one is truly one of the best lawn mower for small yard in 2021.

    3- EGO Power+ Cordless Mower

    This cordless mower gives three different systems of grass disposal: side discharge, bagging, and mulching. This makes it perfect for yards that are continually evolving or given new aesthetic designs since all three options can affect how they look in different ways.

    Our Verdict

    This mower is excellent for tiny lawns that have their grass patches separated by paths, borders, or any other obstructions since you can quickly move it between them without ruining the blades.

    Things We Like

    Three disposal methods.

    Includes a 5.0Ah battery and rapid charger.

    Robust design.

    Durable wheels.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    Grass can clump in a bag container.

    A little bit heavy.

    A short charge life.

    Best Features

    – Push-button start.

    – 20 in cutting deck.

    – 5 height adjustment settings.

    – Folds quickly and easily for compact, upright storage.

    – 3 Year warranty.

    4- Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower

    414c10 n84L

    The twenty-inch cutting deck of this mower gives it an extremely wide design, but this can help mow huge strips of your yard, which provides you with plenty of free time and gives you a much slighter chance of randomly missing a spot.

    Our Verdict

    The carrying handle on the front of the mower’s frame makes it more accessible to carry than many others. It takes out of wherever you’re storing it without having to stiffly balance it between two people.

    Things We Like

    Remarkably fuel-efficient.

    Weighs less than 50 pounds.

    Wide deck size.

    Easy to maintain.


    Things We Don’t Like 

    Can’t bag or mulch.

    Only three height settings.

    Underperforms against stronger grasses.

    Best Features

    – 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine offers powerful performance.

    – High rear wheels easily handle uneven ground.

    – 6 cutting heights ranging.

    – Ready start system no priming or choking.

    – 1 Year warranty.

    5- Snapper 2911525BVE Riding Mower


    The Snapper riding mower has everything you want in conditions of specs and performance. It holds the ability and efficiency to make quick work of smaller lawns, but it also has various extra features you’ll appreciate, all at an extremely affordable price.

    Our Verdict

    This mower is great for dealing with all types of grass areas, which makes it amazingly useful if your yard is mostly natural.

    Things We Like

    Stand on end capability.

    Solid steel frame.

    3-In-1 discharge settings.

    Easy to use 5 height adjustments.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    The plastic parts in the body may easily break if not handled properly.

    Not always ideal for narrow spaces.

    Some leaking problems.

    Best Features

    – Gas powered.

    – Vertical stand-on-edge storage ability.

    – Sucks up clippings with HI VAC mower deck.

    – 11-inch adjustable seat.

    – 28-inch turning radius.

    6- American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14


    Despite its simple design, the American Lawn Mower Company offers a push trimmer with remarkable adaptability and versatility.

    Thanks to the straightforward structure and design, you don’t have to buy specific tools or devices to use the mower – you directly put it on the grass, set the height, and start driving, letting it do all the tough work for you.

    Our Verdict

    If you choose simplicity over complexity, this may be the most suitable mower for small yard jobs in this list since it doesn’t require any devices or other tools to use efficiently.

    Things We Like

    Eco-friendly alternative for gas mowers.

    Blades are built of quality, heat-treated alloy steel.

    Lightweight, easy to maneuver.

    Minimal assembly.

    Easy to unjam blade obstacles.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    Not intended for tall grass.

    More passes sometimes required.

    Can be hard to push.

    Best Features

    – No oil, low maintenance, easy assembly.

    – 14 in. cutting width and 4-blade ball bearing reel.

    – 5 in. composite wheels for quickly pushing reel.

    – The cutting heights adjust from a ½-inch to 2-¾ inches.

    – Five tempered, alloy steel blades with ball-bearing reel design.

    7- Husqvarna L121FH Lawn Mower

    The mixed features down below of this self-propelled mower, combined with its robust gas engine and front-wheel drive, makes it perfect for mowing your garden fast and tidy.

    The whole body can be modified to multiple cutting heights, and there are three diverse discharge settings that you can easily swap to change the way your mower disposes of grass clippings.

    Our Verdict

    This self-propelled mower is excellent if you want to mow your lawn without sweating or stressing yourself after a hard workday.

    Things We Like

    Quick and easy mower deck clean-up.

    Easy transport and storage.

    Soft grip handle.

    Small overall size.

    Strong gas engine.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    Doesn’t start from the first pull.

    The cutting power is not sufficient for a thick lawn.

    Best Features  

    – 149cc Kohler XT650 4-cycle engine.

    – Overhead valve (OHV) for fuel-efficiency.

    – 21-Inch, 3-In-1 heavy-duty stamped steel mower deck.

    – PremierCut technology delivers extra-fine trimming along edges.

    – Front 8-in wheel drive.

    8- WORX WG779


    Worx is another trendy brand if you are looking for electric mowers. And its WG779 lawnmower is offering a battery-powered model for ease of use and smooth cutting.

    You won’t only like its high-quality performance but also that it’s too peaceful and doesn’t have offensive fumes exhaust like a fuel controlled mower. 

    Our Verdict

    This Worx mower is made of high-quality materials and works better for small-sized yards. Even it comes with modern technology so you can shape your grass how you like and with the sharpness that you want.

    Things We Like

    Lightweight and nimble.

    Charging port with smart charging.

    Long-lasting charge.

    Offers both bagging and mulching.

    Robust design. 

    Things We Don’t Like 

    Bagger can sometimes be hard to thoroughly clean.

    14″ deck might be a little narrow.

    Manual push.

    Best Features

    – 14-inch mower deck.

    – Padded handles for added comfort.

    – Single lever adjustment with 3 deck height settings.

    – 2-in-1 bagging and mulching system.

    – Intellicut system to provide battery power on demand.

    9- Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower


    The loop-style handle on this push mower is incredibly convenient and comfortable to use, making it an easy tool to pull up and mow with on a lazy afternoon. It doesn’t require any fuel, electricity, or additional parts to function.

    So you don’t have to bother with your budget if you’re trying to save money.

    Our Verdict

    Push mowers are excellent for small gardening jobs that don’t need a large mower, and this one is no exception, giving a superb functionality level in a small frame.

    Things We Like

    Comfortable handle that lessens hand fatigue.

    Design proved to last season after season.

    A clean and quiet way to maintain your lawn.

    Tool-less assembly.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    Only 1-year warranty.

    Can’t cut through taller grass.

    The wheels are more spacious than the cutting reel.

    Best Features

    – 18 in. cutting width perfect for small lawns.

    – 5 blade, 4 Spider ball bearing reel.

    – Easy cutting height adjustment (0.5-2.75).

    – 10″ composite wheels and rubber tires.

    – Loop style handle with cushioned foam grip.



    This three-in-one Black+Decker mower can handle edges exceptionally well, something that can be amazingly handy in smaller gardens with tighter areas and corners. The automatic feed system made into its design helps keep it running despite what happens to it.

    Our Verdict

    This mower’s versatility makes it great for smaller homes and yards where you don’t want to waste space on three different tools.

    Things We Like

    Simple to handle even in tough grass.

    Powerful motor.

    Well implemented height-adjustment system. 

    A cord retention system to reduce disconnections.

    Don’t need manual adjustment for the spool.

    Things We Don’t Like 

    It has a small cutting path.

    Cord connection can loosen in the long-term.

    Still can suffer line tangles from time to time.

    Best Features

    – Effective 6.5 amp electric motor.

    – Automatic feed spool system for less string tangles.

    – PowerDrive transmission.

    – Uses AF-100 string instead of mower blades.

    – Very lightweight and easy to use.

    Types Of Lawn Mowers

    Lawnmowers are available in various forms of models, and they are initially divided into two big categories: Walk and Ride mowers.


    Walk-behind lawn mowers are perfect for medium size lawns. On the market of today, you can find multiple products to choose from. Some types use gas to fuel the movement, while the new line of mowers utilizes a battery power system.

    You can choose from push models or self-propelled ones.

    Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

    A self-propelled mower mechanically pushes the mower forward with a gearbox connected to either the front or rear wheels, which saves an ample amount of human effort and time.

    You only control it where it needs to go with a speed that can reach 3 miles per hour. This model comes as either front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive.

    Gas Powered Push Mowers

    With this kind of mowers, you have to do all the work physically like controlling directions, as the motor only rotates the mowing blade.

    It’s somehow more accessible to manage to compare it to self-propelled mowers because of its lower weight, but keep in mind that you still must exert more force to move due to the lack of a propelling motor.

    Electric Push Mowers

    Electric walk-behind mowers can be considered more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered units. They are also much quieter to run. Unlike its gas counterpart, an electrical group does not require oil changes or spark plugs. As you know, electric mowers come in two categories: corded and cordless.

    Manual Reel Mowers

    Manual reel mowers are the suitable option for lawns averaging a quarter of an acre or less. They use a series of curved blades to do the job. Except for sharpening the edge, they need no maintenance. However, newer models offer more useful, exciting features.


    When looking at riding mowers, you’ll likely come across three types—lawn tractor, rear-engine riding mower, and a zero-turn mower.

    Factors to consider before buying a mower for small lawns

    It is essential to identify the requirements you must look for while buying a lawnmower.

    Here is a concise list of the factors you will need to look for:

    1- Size Of Yard

    While you have to check the simplicity of your utilization, there is additionally the need to check what amount of mowing should be accomplished.

    If you have enormous broad yards, it is ideal for picking petrol pushed lawnmower. While on if you have a little yard, the electric model and the cordless model work the best for you.

    2- Self-Propelled

    You have to check on if you are at ease to drive the cutter around your yard by yourself. If you are searching for a cutter for a little yard, at that point, you can think about the choice of manual push mowers.

    A small yard won’t consume quite a bit of your muscle quality, and the equivalent can likewise be viewed as a decent exercise.

    3- Robot Mowers

    With new advancements, there is additionally one of a kind and helpful techniques. Following a similar need, there is currently the presence of robot mowers.

    You should set time on a schedule, and they go around cutting the garden all alone with practically zero impedance from your side. You won’t have to stroll behind the mower to get the yard cut. This is a perfect decision if you really hate mowing.

    4- Cost

    You would want to choose products that are affordable for your budget. So, you will not spend unnecessary cash.

    You can find different electrical mowers with cheaper price tags, and their handling is also not very difficult. You can opt for the best lawn mower for the small yard, such as the electric lawn mower, as it matches all the specifications.

    5- Durability

    Another factor you need to take into account is the durability of the machine. You ought not to buy a product that has heavy wear and tear and requires to get rid of in some time.

    You would want to look for more durable models when choosing the product for your best lawnmower to take care of your small yard.

    Much of the time Asked Questions About Lawn Mowers : 

    How would I pick a lawnmower?

    There are a lot of variables that should be thought of. The equivalent has been featured previously. You likewise should be aware of what kind of mower do you require.

    You can pick your garden trimmer dependent on the simplicity of your working and the subjective necessities that you may have.

    What horsepower do I require for a lawnmower?

    The horsepower will rely upon your state of being. For the most part, the push trimmers need pleasant physical quality and are accessible in torque between 2.9 to 4.0.

    You can settle on what fits you best, dependent on your subjective necessities.

    What is the best mulching mower?

    A mulching mower will massively cut the grass clippings into little pieces.

    They transform the grass cut into mulch and feed it back to the garden, and you won’t have to take care of the lawn or discard it.

    How regularly would it be advisable to mow my grass?

    This generally relies upon the cutting tallness. The tallness at which the grass is to be cut will decide your next cut timetable.

    If you utilize the right mower, your lawn will develop equally, and you should mow it is regularly.


    We hope that by using our extensive review list and our buying guide, you feel more informed to select the best lawn mower for your small yard that suits your individual needs.

    Our favorite model from the list here is the Greenworks 25022 due to its robust electric motor that makes it fitting for nearly all types of grass. But for our budget pick, the American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 is absolutely the ideal one.

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