Remington Lawn Mower Review | RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas

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Patio Mowers’ Remington Lawn Mower Review: What’s the verdict?

Remington Lawn Mower RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas


Product Description

One of the best brands of mowers is Remington. It is known for its good quality and unique features of its products. Also, it has a powerful engine, with two wheels which makes it light and fast.

It is a monster when it comes to eating the longest grass ever. Besides, their team offers a friendly service and an openness to hear out your concerns.

The Remington brand of mowers introduced its latest product under the name: Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer.

The remington lawn mower receives its power from gas and it is made of metal. The dimensions of the item are as follows: its length is 34.45 inches. Its width is 22.04 inches. Its height is 21.06 inches.

That is pretty small for a good trimming mower which is empowered by gas. Its cutting width can reach 22 inches which is very good.

Concerning its weight, it is quiet light when you compare it to other gas empowered mowers. That is because it weighs 78 pounds only.

Other than that, its trimmer line is a standard of 0.155 diameters.

As most of the mowers, the Remington lawn mower has a manual pump. Not to forget to mention that the number of the reclining positions of this marvelous trimming mower is three.

Who is This Product For ?

The Remington mower is good for people who feel lazy. However, they do not like to be so. That is because this mower is not self-propelled.

As a result it pushes its users to go out and have great exercise to enhance blood circulation and also feel more energetic.

Yet, it is not a heavy mower to push. It is just the right amount you need for a good physical exercise.

You want to mow lawns for a living? Also you are a beginner who is too scared to use gas empowered mowers? Then you need to consider the Remington lawn mower because it is light, you can carry it everywhere with you.

It is also easy to store even in your car. Not only that, it has a very powerful engine which helps it cut all types of grass, no matter how hard it is.

It is both a mower and a trimmer for it reaches the unreachable places.

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Overview of Features

1. A Powerful Engine :

Its 159xx OHV 4-cycle engine is empowered by gas. It is very powerful to the point where it can get rid of the tallest grass ever.

As well as the hard to mow grass and weeds. After all the testing, we can come to a conclusion that its powerful and durable engine enables it to do its job in the best way possible.

 2. A Unique Cutting Swath :

Its blade is very sharp. It can reach 22 inches in width. Its shape is so unique which facilitates the process of mowing.

That is especially near fences, flowers beds, near trees, mail boxes or any other obstacle you can imagine.

It makes hard tasks like these easier to be dealt with. It makes the most difficult places to mow a less of a problem, if not a no problem at all.

3. Easy to Use

The feature of off-set trimmer head helps to both mow and trim places that are usually hard to reach. It wheels are so special. These ball-bearing wheels are 14 inches.

They help you drive this mower easily even in lumpy yards. Thanks to these wheels, you will always have control over this trimming mower no matter how hard the situation is.

Its lightness also helps you not lose control over the machine since it only weighs 78 pounds.

4. Easy to Store :

The Remington lqwn mower has an ergonomic loop handle that is a manual easy to fold. This makes it 10 times easier to store, or to take with you wherever you go.

5. The Spindle Height :

What is great about its spindle height is that it is adjustable. It is manual. You can use the high, the low, or the one in the middle. The cutting height ranges around 2.375 and 4.375 inches.

You can try it out on a small piece of grass so that you know its cutting height positions. That is to know what suits you the most.

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How to Use it ?

1. The first thing you need to do after taking the plastic wrap off your mower is to read the instructions that come with the Remington RM1159 159cc.

2. The mower is fully assembled which makes is easier for you to start using it right away. It is both used on large and small lawns.

3. Since it is manual, all you have to do is push the starting button and its two wheels will take you anywhere easily and smoothly.

4. The handle is adjustable to 3 positions. So that you can change the position, all you need to do is move the handle backward or forward.

5. The spindle height is also adjustable. To do that, you need to loosen the wing nut that you can see clearly on the sides.

Then you side it up or down, depending on the cutting height of grass you desire. When you finish mowing, make sure to tighten the wing nuts.

6. You can always go back to the manual and check how the Remington mower functions, like the trimmer line and so on.

7. When you finish all the work, clean your machine from any gas patches so that it does not. If you want to know more on how to use it click here.

8. The grass clippings are good for your lawn, so do not bother with cleanin up. They are used as a mulch to make the grass healthier.

If you want to learn tips and tricks on how to mow your lawn by yourself but have results of a professional, then you need to check this.

Pros & Cons

Pros :

  1. Does not throw the grass clippings or any other objects or debris of the way on your face.
  2. Eats long grass like no other mower.
  3. It two in one. It works as an incredible mower and a trimmer at the same time.
  4. Its cutting width is great since it is 22 inches. It makes mowing faster.
  5. Reaches tight and unreachable places.

Cons :

  1. The cutting height is adjustable, but it can change during the operation which makes the grass unevenly cut.
  2. It is not better than a mower with four wheels.
  3. It is too powerful to be used as a trimmer.
  4. Its gas tank is pretty small.
  5. The gas tank and the motor are too close to each other especially that gas and hot motors do not get along well.


The Remington RM1159 159cc is a great product for all types of users. It makes what most people consider a very hard task, an easy activity that they even enjoy doing.

It is both light and fast with a very powerful engine that makes it devours grass like a monster. You may underestimate it because it has two wheels only, but it is small and if it had four wheels, that would have made it slower.

I know, it would have an opposite effect because since it is small, you would lose control over it if it is four-wheeled. It cannot get any faster than it already is.

To wrap up all this, you cannot found a better trimming mower with such a strong capacity and a fast pace and such a price. It is something you would love to buy and keep using forever.

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