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You want that classical image of pushing your lawnmower but with less effort. Stick around I’ve got you covered with these self propelled lawn mower reviews. I’m going to help you in deciding whether this particular mower is what you are looking for or not.

Kobalt 80v Self Propelled Max Brushless Ion Mower


Product Description

The Kobalt 80-volt Max Brushless Lithium Ion Self-propelled 21-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is an excellent choice if you are aspiring for a lighter, smoother, and quieter experience. It obtains a variety of useful features. At the same time, it remains affordable compared to its competitors.

The Kobalt 80-volt Max Brushless Lithium Ion Self-propelled 21-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is a battery-powered mower. On a fully charged 6.0 Ah battery, it gives you up to 80 minutes runtime.

I think the cars’ effect on pollution is enough. Why making the activity of cutting your grass polluting? Go for battery mowers. The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is an environment-friendly mower.  Since battery products excel in this aspect regarding that gas products are the environment’s sworn enemy.

Besides, The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is easy to be used. Its usage is a no brainer; this mower has a collapsible handle. This feature makes it ideal for convenient vertical storage.

This product makes a bearable noise. This mower is a quiet one. Also, the Kobalt 80v is self-propelled via rear-wheel drive. It comes with variable speed control. The variety of the speed levels helps you set the perfect pace you want to work through it.

Who is This Product For?

This mower is a great powerful mower. Regarding performance, the Kobalt 80v mower performs pretty well. I would relatively recommend it to any homeowner. However, the fact that no mower is entirely perfect, but it would make sound crazy a bit.

It is suitable for homeowners who have small or medium-sized gardens.  Also, it is ideal for people who like self-propelled lawnmowers and want to try working on an electric mower. The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is cordless which qualify it to take care of your large garden too.

Well, now you have to reason for yourself. See if this lawnmower if for you or not. Well, stick around till we review the features first. But overall really recommend the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower.

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Overview Of Features

The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is a lighter, quieter, and powerful lawn. It is one of the fierce products in the lawn mowers’ market. We will see in this Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower review why it considered one of the best.

Okay! You all have that image of mowing your grass early in the morning in a classical artistic cinematic way. You are strolling and looking around you. Well yeah, that is not reality.

In real life, you would be working out and going to the gym back and forth to be able to push that lawnmower you got there.

To be quite honest with you, The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower can give you this smooth experience. The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is an easy to operate and light.

  • The internal wiring of the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is VERY well made and reasonably well laid out.
  • This product lasts up to 80 minutes runtime on a fully charged 6.0 Ah battery. Plus the battery and charger are included.
  • This item has a collapsible handle. It allows for fitting vertical. Still, you might struggle with folding/unfolding the handle. You can fold it up and store it vertically against the wall or something.
  • The one aspect you should consider When buying a lawnmower is the storage.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower provides an auto-sensing technology. This technology automatically adjusts motor performance for higher power or runtime. It changes based on changing grass conditions from area to area. I mean whenever the lawn hits something substantial, it surges powers automatically to power through that hard object. Then it drops back to normal.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower has a single-lever height adjustment. This lawnmower allows you to choose from 7 separate height adjustments.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is a brushless motor lawn as it provides more power and torque. This quality right here generates better performance.
  • The design of this lawnmower offers three cutting options: a rear bag to gather the grass for later disposal, mulch them back into the soil to function as manure, or side discharge them on the sides of the mower.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower has a battery gauge. Since this lawn has an on-board indicator, it helps you monitor the remaining battery charge.
  • It includes a 5-year limited tool warranty and 3-year limited battery warranty.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is a cordless lawn. This feature gives it a plus for it makes it suitable for extensive gardens.
  • This product can operate in both flat lawns and hills.
  • The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower has a blade-off drive. This feature is quite impressive, especially when you roll it up to its parking/storage area.
  • This product is quite powerful. It can power through tall or dense grass. Thanks to its brushless motor.
  • The brushless motor of the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower offers you a quiet experience. You can mow your grass at night or during any time of the day. The Kobalt is why folks are shifting from gas-powered mowers to electric-powered mowers. They tend to be quiet and more efficient.
  • This item’s drive mechanism is straightforward. The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is light. You need little to no effort to push it and walk behind it. So the pushing your lawn will not be an issue anymore. This product provides easy maneuverability that is a significant feature. It saves time and effort.
  • No more gas and oil, it is good for the environment and less trouble for you.
  • This LI-ION mower is designed with a “soft-start” feature. The mower will take about 3 seconds to get up to full speed when initially starting up.

How To Use It?

First, you have set it up. Extend the lower handle to put the handle on. Adjust it through the side clips on the sides of the mower. Then you will have three positions to lock it in. Choose the best angle that comforts. Then put the top part of the handle on.

Now you have to adjust your wheel height. You have got seven settings for your wheel height. It gives you up to 7 inches at the heist setting. Adjust it depending on how you want to cut your grass.

Of course, you don’t want to go down because it is pretty low. Instead, go ahead and adjust it before you start cutting your lawn. Make sure you get the right height to get the exact result you want.

You adjust both wheels, front and back, at the same time. It has a spring mechanism all you have to do is pulling and raising. It has a smooth operation.

If you want to mulch, you have a little chute where the bag goes, but you have to put the mulching guard in there. So it shoots everything back into so you can move. If you are going to bag, you take the mulching guard out.

Another thing, if you want to bag, install the grass catcher bag. And if you’re going to discharge, install side discharge chute. You have detailed instruction for doing so.  It is effortless.

Now the most important thing is the battery compartment. It is a piece of cake. Well, you lift and hold up the battery door. Then you align the battery with the mower’s battery port. Now just close the door.

Please make sure that the battery release button snaps in place and that the battery is fully seated and secure in the mower before beginning the operation. Remove the battery, If you are not going to use the machine immediately.

To remove it, Release the bail lever to stop the mower. Then open the battery door. Raise the battery out of the tool by pressing the battery release button on the mower. Finally, just remove the battery from the mower.

Now since you are over with the setup and the battery, start using the mower.  All you have to do is pressing and holding the safety lock-out button. Then, pull the bail lever upward to the handle to start the mower. Finally, release the button. Also, release the bail lever to stop the mower.

Another point you have to be aware of is deep-discharging. On the Kobalt 80 volt battery, you have got three indicator lights. 

  • Three green light: the battery is above 75 percent capacity.
  • Two green lights: the battery is between 75 percent and 35 percent capacity.
  • One green light: the battery is below 35 percent capacity.
  • Lights off: the battery is fully discharged and requires immediate charging.

When the charge indicator shows one bar remaining. I recommend you to remove the pack and let it cool to the room temperature. Then put it in to charge. Mainly, avoid overheating the pack, both when operating the mower and recharging the pack.

Overheating and deep discharge will shorten the life of the pack and cause eventual failure. Most importantly, deep discharge.

The Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is electric. You better avoid using water when cleaning it. Try using compressed air. Also, you can use a stiff nylon bristle brush with a plastic scraper to clean the deck and motor. 

If you do clean it with water, make sure to remove the battery. You also have to let the mower dry out a day or two before use.

Things We Like

  • A long runtime of up to 80 minutes.
  • Excellent power under heavier loads.
  • A battery gauge (it shows the level of the capacity)
  • Upright storage.
  • Equipped with a soft starter.
  • Offers an autosensing technology.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Has a vertical storage feature.

Things We Dont Like

  • You might face some struggles with folding/unfolding the handle.
  • The spring-loaded round pins are unpleasant to engage and disengage.

Our Verdict

Finally, the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is an excellent lawnmower. You have seen yourself in this kobalt 80v self propelled mower review all the features that this great mower offers.

The Kobalt 80-volt mower has a powerful max brushless motor. Besides, it is a cordless electric lawnmower. It gives you three cutting options in one design. Thus, it is effortless to operate and to set up.

In addition, it comes with a battery gauge and a soft starter feature. It comes with a variety of useful features. Additionally, it is suitable for small, medium, and large lawns. I would recommend it to every homeowner.

Since now you have the features of the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower laid in front you, you can reason on what suits you and what does not. If you think that this mower is for you then go ahead and purchase it.

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