What is a Brushless Lawn Mower? | Brushless Vs. Brushed Motor

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Want to know what is a brushless lawn mower? Then you’ve landed on the right page! Over the years, it has been shared that most mowers motors are powered by gas. While it is the favored type for some, it is not the right choice for others.

You will have to use a cordless one with intelligent technology if you have lived in a calm neighborhood and can’t make too much noise with your devices.

Its battery is excellent for expert gardeners, or for those who have tiny spaces to mow. If you need a reliable tool that generates more power and has a longer life, then this type might be for you.

Brushless Lawn Mower

It is merely a mower powered by a brushless motor that adjusts automatically to the power needed for the task. The final profit is a mower that provides less heat and more peace and generates better performance and power by using magnets. 

If the motor’s technology detects less endurance needed, then it will output less power. Whereas if it identifies the need for more energy, it can torque up and handle the load.

That way, it makes battery efficiency increased and provides more power than other durable tools.

How Does Brushless Lawn Mower Work?

A brushless battery loses the brushes and the commutator, as the name defines. The magnets and windings’ positions are reversed.

The attractions are on the fixed battery shaft, while the copper windings of the armature are conventional and circle the pole. Rather than brushes and a commutator, a small circuit board organizes the power delivery to the windings.

This circuit board and smart controller monitor the battery and release it precisely what it requires to do. That’s why they deserve to be considered intelligent. By contrast, it will always run as rapidly as it can while in use.

These tools also don’t have the power’s friction and voltage drop that touches create by dragging against the spinning commutator. However, this physical contact results in a continuous power loss during the moving process. Also, it makes the execution more powerful overall.

Even though they “smart” on mowers, they still run like brushed mowers and require magnets to function correctly.

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Brushless Mower Advantages

These mowers have many advantages. Few of the benefits are discussed below in detail:

  • These DC batteries can have a feedback control to monitor and control the speed and torque. This provides higher efficiency, low power consumption, and long battery life in the motor operating using some batteries.
  • They don’t have any carbon brushes, which reduces frequent patiomowers21-20nt requirements of brushes and maintenance costs.
  • Brushless motors need less maintenance and generate more power. There is no need to clean them up, nor replacing their brushes as a brushed tool.
  • These motors can help you keep peace and serenity in your neighborhood because these are eco-friendly and produce zero noise pollution due to the absence of brushes.
  • These tools do not overheat like brushed ones because they don’t own brushes, so they aren’t likely to wrecks or unnecessary overheating.
  • Their batteries have electronic sensors that allow the motor to adjust the power to whatever task is at hand. If you need to run by small grass, the battery slowly slows down and fastens its speed when it is thicker green.
  • With the suitable batteries, you can mow large yards to an acre at a fast rate without friction between the stator and the rotor. This feature makes the lawnmower produces more power and works more efficiently under intensive applications.

All of this offers you tools that not only operate peacefully and more efficiently, but also provides you with extensive power and a long-lasting than the alternatives.

Brushless Mower Disadvantages

Like in all the other devices, these motors have a few cons, which are discussed below:

  • Its price is comparatively higher than that of a brushed one. Plus, the smart technology electronic controller also increases overall setup costs.
  • When the motor is operated at low speed, slight vibrations occur during its rotation. However, they reduce at high speed.
  • This power frequency can sometimes match or come closer to the vibration rotation of the body or plastic parts due to the natural vibration frequency of the engine, resulting in the resonance phenomenon.
  • In the case of tools powered with this type of engine, wiring and running the motor are not that simple. That’s because of the crisis of power control and its link to all the electromagnets.
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Are Brushless Mowers Worth The Money?

The answer is yes, this motor will usually be worth the money based on several factors, and assuming these tools are used more than once a week.

Brushless batteries can be more potent overall. Because the copper windings are on the border of the motor shape, there is room to make them larger. In addition to this, they don’t have friction and voltage drop.

This trait will increase the life of the engine and overall performance. This physical association results in a constant energy loss during the moving process.

A net gain is a motor with greater efficiency and a more durable battery, which will deserve to buy it at a high cost.

How Long Do Brushless Motors Last?

The combination of the previous advantages has another impact—a longer life. While the warranty is the same for both motors, you can expect to get a better power generation and longer life out of the brushless motor. This can often be years away from the warranty.

Brushed tools life is defined by the brush model and can attain between 1,000 and 3,000 hours on average while brushless tools can reach tens of thousands of hours on average runtime, as there are no brushes to carry.

Also, a brushless machine runs up to 50 percent cooler than a brushed one. Consequently, the limiting part is the wear on the bearings.

Differences Between Brushless And Brushed Motor 

Before we dive into the differences between these two with both feet, let’s understand what even a brushed motor is?

As you’ve probably supposed, brushed motors derive their name from having brushes in their batteries within their organic materials. These brushes are what charge another device within the engine called the commutator.

The commutator receives power from the brushes. They are the sole provider of energy that directly results in the rotor turning.

Let’s take a glance at its most essential traits.


– Low overall construction costs.

– Can often be rebuilt to extend life.

– Controller not needed for fixed speed.

– Battery ideal for extreme operating environments.


– Noisy: The switching action of the commutators continually creating and breaking inductive circuits creates a great deal of electrical and electromagnetic noise.

– Battery runs hot.

– Routine maintenance required.

Brushless Vs. Brushed Mower

Brushless tools are typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed ones are around 75-80% efficient.

This distinction in efficiency means that more of the full power used by the engine is being turned into rotational energy, and less is being lost as heat.

The principal difference between brushless or brushed motors is that the brushed variants are created of carbon, while the brushless units use magnets to generate power. Thus, brushless tools are better adapted.

They produce no friction and provide better performance. Also, brushless tools significantly reduce maintenance, which comes down to dusting, and there is no requirement to replace worn brushes.  

Another distinction is that brushed tools have the heating issue and do not cool quickly.

This results due to the presence of electromagnet in the center of the engine. On the other hand, brushless tools do not have an electromagnet in the center, reducing the hotness matter.

Brushed Vs. Brushless Motors: Why the Extra Cost?

The brushed motor is comparatively simple, and the materials to make it are inexpensive. Because brushless tools need that electronic communicator, you’re starting to build a computer inside your cordless mower. So that’s what makes the cost of brushless motors up.


Finally, everyone can agree after recognizing what is a brushless lawn mowers, that it’s super-efficient, and very comfortable to use. Generally, users can take benefit from decreased maintenance and exceptionally efficient power.

Plus, its battery reduces heat and noise, providing long-lasting life. If you are searching for a simplistic way to cut grass without restriction, this type is the most suitable and is considered a high-end product.

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