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Here are features of the best zero turn mower for hills. You can drive a powerful quality model on slopes with steering wheels. Both Ariens and Husqvarna are designed to handle safety and low maintenance. Perfect lawnmower decks and horsepower ensure smooth traction.

The best lawn mower for hills is features speed as well as agility.

Having efficient cutting times and smooth operation becomes comfortable with these units.

Indeed, many manufacturers put incredible works to step over any weaknesses. This means you can mow your landscape without any hassle non-smooth surfaces.

We know that choosing the proper unit can sometimes be a demanding job to do. For this purpose, we have made an informative list that gives reviews for the best commercial mower for hills on the market.

4 Best Zero Turn Mower For Hills

1- Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower


This zero turn mower brings on a Kawasaki engine that carries 18 HP to guarantee solidity in speed as well as startups.

Well, you come to hold the maximum speed rating at 6.5 MPH. Being hydrostatic and no-maintenance transmission is what features this mower. As a result, You can make precision cutting with no worries about complicated maintenance.

Besides, park brakes provide top-notch safety since it operates automatically. Taking proper bagging in a flow of air that is superior is easy with its deck. That is so due to its ClearCut design that gives 42 inches.

Our Verdict

The price tag on this product is expensive. This makes it unaffordable for most (average) gardeners who want to take care of their lawns.

Things We Like

Robust Kawasaki engine.

Top-notch safety features.

Needs low maintenance.

Control panel of Ergonomic features.

Things We Don’t Like 

A price tag that is so high!

Available in just one color.

Best Features

– Motor/engine manufacturer- Kawasaki.

– Motor/engine model- FR600V.

– Power output-18.0 hp.

2- Snapper 2691402 360z Mower, Riding, Zero Turn, Red


Snapper 2691402 360z Mower is a user-friendly unit. It is suitable for gardeners who possess a large yard.

Also, you can cut the grass in a smooth way thanks to its heavy mowing deck. As for the style, it holds a foot-operated design of 13 height cutting positions. In this case, you have the option to adjust the mower according to the height you want so.

Moreover, this machine is a fully-welded steel one. Notably, it can cut the grass nicely and helps you to add much beauty to your yard.

Our Verdict

Despite the fact that Snapper 360Z is a mid-range machine, it does arrive at an excellent price.

Things We Like

High-powered Briggs & potent Stratton motor.7 Cutting height adjustments of 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Mower deck of large 48 inches.

Things We Don’t Like 

The cargo bed has no place.

Anti-scalp wheels are not there.

The mower deck has no lifetime warranty.

Best Features

– Fully-welded steel frame.

– 13 Height adjustment of different positions.

– Mower deck, which is foot-operated!

3- Ariens IKON-XL 60″ Zero Turn Mower 25hp Kohler 7000 Series #915228

ariens lawn mower

Considering the features that distinguish the IKON and putting it up a notch, the performant IKON-XL highlights a full 60-inch- cutting deck.

Besides, it features a robust 25 HP Kohler of 7000 series engine to secure it can tackle the large size and weight of more massive lbs wit ease.

With the brand’s unique colors, designing, and tank-like construction quality, the item outshines its standing.

It is capable of holding everything you put at it. Moreover, the large wheels render it capable of driving through challenging terrains quickly.

The comfortable seating integrated with the fast as well as compact handling guarantees you lead a smooth driving run.

Our Verdict

The lawn mower arrives with a high back seat that gives comfort to the user -along with standard & sturdy armrests.

Things We Like

Incredible power & work for the price.

Sophistically rugged construction grade.

Iconic looking for a residential tractor.

Very comfortable to drive on!

Tight handling.

Things We Don’t Like

Can make noisy in the running time on the yard.

Consuming much fuel than the Kawasaki models.

Best Features

– 25HP/725cc Kohler 7000 Series OHV Engine.

– 60-Inch, 3-Blade Fabricated Mower Deck.

– Dual Hydro-Gear ZT2800 Hydrostatic Transmissions.

4- Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower


This powerful 12V battery is highly available with a triple blade cutting frame that doesn’t miss out on any stray blades from the grass.

The engine of the Husqvarna MZ 61 embraces 27 Horse Power as well as a V-twin design. This means that the engine has a small size, and it gives less vibration than other ones having two cylinders.

Additionally, this Best Zero Turn Mower helps gardeners to drive through challenging terrains without slowing the rate of speed. This thing happens thanks to the high integration of a 61-inch wide deck & 27 HP V twin engine.

The full operation of mowing the yard is effortless because this Husqvarna Fast Hydro yard trimmer holds a pedal control fast auto drive transmission.

Our Verdict

This MZ61 zero-turn mower can make clean grass cutting just as another commercial mower series. But, you need to consider its price tag is high!

Things We Like

Elevated speed and capacity.

High control of safety.

Additional wide cutting deck.

Great maneuverability.

Zero-turn for agility and speed.

Height adjustment is easy with adjustable blades.

Things We Don’t Like 

Χ Pretty expensive.

Best Features

– 3 blade cutting frame.

– Cutting deck of 61-inch fabricated.

– Gear Transmission that is Hydrostatic!

– 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine.

– Cutting Deck Lift is Pedal Assisted.

How to Choose the Perfect Zero Turn Mowers?

When buying your zero-turn riding mower for hills, you need to consider many features :

The quality grade that comes in the mower –  Estate/Midgrade, Commercial, Economy, and Industrial are the grades you will find. Before you choose your unit, you must know what suits your requirements.

Ease of use – This is something you should not void. Check that the zero-turn mower you get is convenient and relaxing.

Compatibility for hill – zero-turn mowers are not specially designed for hills. That is why they can actually be bad. Know if your unit is compact for hills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Turn Mower for Hills

Are zero turn mowers bad on hills?

Zero turn mowers are not really good hills. These machines have one disadvantage users can not avoid – hills. They come with a caster wheel that takes place in their design. This one helps to steer along with the machine. Though this makes it move safely and quickly, making multiple turns on hills can give some risk to the driver.

How do you mow a steep hill with zero turn?

If you have a reasonably steep hill, you can invest in rear weights and tire chains. Also, you should not forget to mow slowly and cautiously. Some lawn owners prefer to mow downhill rather than up, letting those weights & chains reduce sliding.

In simple terms, when you mow up the hill, you have far more traction because the weight transfers robustly to the rear-drive wheels. When mowing downhill, the mower weight on the rear wheels becomes so light that you lose traction.

Our Pick

We have set the Husqvarna MZ61brand as our best pick since its pro design makes the job of gardeners so comfortable on the terrain. That is so it can operate different cutting conditions.

The manufacturer of this unit offers a potent engine power that you will extremely need for mowing on hills and ride on any type of slope.

Hold still, with the reviews mentioned above and buying guidelines, you can now easily choose the right product and make the duty of mowing so smooth.

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